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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Whatever is written in their stars... Sky Raiders (Sky Raiders #1) by Michelle Diener

"I can save you some time if you read and loved Dark Horse you are going to love this one as well, it has some very basic similarities as far as being what is called a "space opera" (I have no clue why) it is a science fiction adventure that is based around a romance (or maybe it is the other way around)."- Douglas Meeks, Goodreads


Published: December 5th, 2016

First they flew their mysterious sky craft through the skies of Barit. Then they started attacking. Finally, they began to raid.

Garek's one year of duty as a guard walking the walls of Garamundo was extended to two when the sky raiders appeared. Two long years away from home and his lover, Taya. When he finally returns, the town is empty. While Garek was protecting Garamundo, the sky raiders were taking their victims from his hometown.

Taya can't bear looking into the night sky. All she can see is Barit, her home planet. Impossibly, the sky raiders have brought her and their other victims to Shadow, the planet that shadows her own, and looking up makes her aware of everything she's lost. Garek is out there somewhere. She knows he'll look, but he'll never find her.

She and the other captives have to find a way to escape. Without the food and clothes the sky raiders bring them from their raids on Barit, they'll starve on the almost barren wastes of Shadow. And when they've given the sky raiders enough of what they want, that's exactly what the sky raiders will leave them to do.

What Taya doesn't realize is she'll have some help with her plan. Because Garek isn't giving up on finding her. And he's even more resourceful than she could ever have imagined.

Nothing is going to keep him from Taya. Not even space itself.

Star-crossed Lovers Who Won't Bow to Their Fate

The official definition of star-crossed lovers is two people who love each other deeply but cannot be together because fate is against them. Whatever is written in their stars means they are doomed to never find happiness, never be together.

Obviously, this is not a HEA or even a HFN situation :)

Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde . . . they're the gold standard of star-crossed lovers, but when I was writing Sky Raiders, I thought a lot about the concept, because I kept thinking of Garek and Taya, my hero and heroine, as star-crossed, but only to a point. They love each other, and fate keeps them apart, but neither of them accepts this.

Garek throws caution to the wind and never lets the obstacles in front of him even slow him down in his determination to get to Taya. And she, equally, is driven not only to survive, but also to work a way out of her situation, because she will not give up her desire to be with Garek again.

It was so much fun, but also really poignant, to write a love story like Garek and Taya's, and I loved every minute of it. I hope my readers enjoy it just as much. Tristan and Isolde, but without the downer at the end :)
— Michelle
About the author:
Michelle Diener is the award-winning, bestselling author of the Class 5 series. She writes historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction and lives in Australia with her husband and two children.

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