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Monday, December 19, 2016

the future looks grim - The Forsaken Crown ( A Desolate Empire Prequel) by Christina Ochs

"The book was packed with deception and espionage, the running themes of the books, though there were a few heaps of action and even some romance added in. I was very pleased with this newest instalment and can only hope for more!" - Amy, Goodreads


Published: December 13th, 2016

Sonya is a disgraced mercenary with shattered ambitions. Kendryk is a young ruler in danger of being overthrown. An unlikely pair, they must learn to trust each other to survive the turmoil ahead. But with a corrupt regent, a disloyal aristocracy, and an army in their way, the future looks grim.

The Forsaken Crown, a prequel to The Desolate Empire Series, delivers thrilling battles, devious political intrigue and compelling characters.

The Forsaken Crown combines the action and excitement of the Three Musketeers with the sweeping imagery of fantasy. Readers are calling this powerful series "an all-ages Game of Thrones."

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Sonya dashed forward, her already bloody dagger at the ready. The men at the fire weren’t looking, had been staring into the flames too long to see well in the dark.

One man grunted as Faber ran him through. Sonya grabbed the other around the neck, spinning him to face away from her, her hand over his mouth, her dagger at his throat. 

“Not a sound,” she whispered in Brianski. “Take us to Kolnikov, and I’ll let you live.”

The man nodded, even as he sagged against her. He was only a little bigger than she was, and didn’t struggle. Her troopers fanned out, making sure no one else was nearby. 

“Let’s go,” she whispered to her captive, prodding him with her knee.

He took a few hesitant steps, then moved faster. Sonya kept pace, making sure her blade stayed against his neck. The camp was quiet, though not completely asleep.

“Anyone sees us, you die first,” Sonya murmured by way of encouraging him to take them along a quiet path. 

And he did, past the backs of tents, along the goat pens, right into the middle of the camp.

About the author:
Christina Ochs is the author of historical fantasy series, The Desolate Empire, which is based upon the events of the Protestant Reformation and the Thirty Years War (1618-48). Many of her characters are also based on historical figures.

With degrees in history and business, Christina uses her writing to indulge her passion for reading and research. Publishing as an indie author provides an outlet for her entrepreneurial side and she is an avid supporter of fellow authors, both independent and traditionally published.

Christina lives in a semi truck full time, traveling the United States with her truck driver husband and two cats, Phoenix and Nashville.

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