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Monday, December 19, 2016

Review - Rogue One, A Star Wars Story


If you are an aficionado Star Wars, or one like me which grew up with the ‘70- ‘80 series and now I saw it just for the old times sake, or just movie lovers, for all of you, I recommend you to go and see the last Star Wars film - Rogue One, A Star Wars Story.

Yes, I already made the recommendation without even to give you any reason to do so, but believe me: if it isn’t the best movie of the Star Wars universe, then, at least, it’s the second. I consider that the Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back, it’s the best of the series, and Rogue One holds the second position among all the episodes and, as a spin-off, it definitely gain the Episode 3.5 status. One could say that this is the sequel which everybody wanted to be the Episode VII.


Because it puts aside the scenes that were a bit too much naive, the cute robots and the positive characters which escape unharmed from any situation no matter how perilous they were. The ambience is much more darker, the scenes become more dramatic, the losses are counted in large numbers on both sides (you’ll see that stormtroopers know how to use their guns), the fight scenes are more realistic realised and everything is really heading now towards the title of the Episode IV: A New Hope.

In what regards the human characters, their feelings and relationships are real, palpable and sustained by the story line to which they add value at every step. They are so well drawn and developed that... you’ll see for yourselves.

Those who are interested in robotics characters will find a new droid with an attitude and behaviour which are almost human, so, from my point of view, a pleasant change from those cute ones with all sorts of sounds. A pleasant change indeed, but with the achieving of self-awareness comes the tragedy.

You’ll be tested in certain moments to accept the presence and play of the CGI characters (and I’m not talking about some God knows what hairy creatures) in the company of the real, human actors. It was expected having in view that two of the iconic characters are dead (the one which is identified with the Death Star – Grand Moff Tarkin played by Peter Cushing) or too old to play their own part (I’ll not say who...because it isn’t nice to talk about women’s age...).

We, all those who have suffered in Episode VII for the lack of a real villain, we’ll meet an old acquaintance. Even if he appears only in a few scenes, Darth Vader is an almost “nice surprise”. I got to talk appreciative about a villain after that ridiculous Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens, where he had the temper tantrums of a kid full of pimples and moods.

The film is great at the image section, in fact it’s great in every technical way, the frames will be again grandiose, even pictorial at some moments. Rogue One is a real “big screen movie”.

To stop beating around the bush, I’ll say to you again: go and watch the movie, because it’s worth it, indifferently if you love the series or just want to spend some quality time.


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