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Saturday, October 13, 2018

a human-infested nightmare - Animal Circus by Michael Batchelor

"This is more than a story of the abuses of the circus. Its a story of the circus through the minds and feelings of the animals and is told with much love and insightfulness. [...] Riveting, compelling, I totally enjoyed this and the ending was a surprise.Recommended." - Dorie, Goodreads


Published: October 7th, 2018

Doe’s Circus, one of the last of its kind in Australia. Travelling across the country all year round, thousands of humans visit to revel in the tradition of Dagwood dogs, dodgem cars and the weekend prime time show. 

Yet for the animals locked away in the small confines of the petting zoo, the circus is a neon-lit, human-infested nightmare.

Tormented by the ringmaster and his gang of tyrannical showmen, two pigs, a rooster and a sheep devise a plan to accomplish the impossible―escape the circus.


Why Book Covers are So Important
Because people do judge books by their cover. Even if the story inside is beautifully written, many casual readers will bypass it if the cover doesn’t look appealing.

10 Tips for Becoming a Better Writer
1. Read more
2. Write more
3. Self-critique more
4. Listen to mentors
5. Take constructive criticism onboard
6. Write for passion, not paychecks
7. Work on finding your unique voice
8. Research more
9. Don’t repeat yourself
10. Write more
How to Sell Your First Novel
Build a social media profile and engage with your core audience. Paid advertising has its benefits, but research is essential to deciding which strategy works for you. Word of mouth is invaluable, so enticing friends, family and work colleagues to review your book makes an enormous difference.

Practical Advice for Beginning Fiction (or other genre) Writers
Make sure the idea for your book is one that you’re very passionate about. One of the hardest aspects for beginner writers is following through and finishing the manuscript. If you love the storyline, you’ll feel compelled to finish it.

Most Common Mistake in fiction Writing
Walking the fine line between plausibility and necessary embellishment.

How Do You Keep Your Writing Different
This is a hard question to answer. Unless you’ve read every book in existence, you’ll never know for certain if your story or voice is original. The best strategy is to write in your natural voice and make sure you research your storyline before starting to ensure the idea hasn’t already been used.

How to Identify Your Writing Problems
By sending it to a talented editor or having it beta read. Feedback is the best way to identify your writing issues and improve.

About the author:
Michael Batchelor, born 1991, is an Australian author based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. He graduated from Griffith University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Communications and in 2015, published his first novel, The Red Chilli.
Michael’s greatest joy is to share his stories and ideas with the world.

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