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Thursday, October 25, 2018

I loved him first. The Lovers: Cards of Love (Cards of Love) by Fiona Cole

"Oh sweet jesus. This story is not only hotter than hell, it gave me so many feels!" - Serena, Goodreads Review
"The chemistry, the heat, the emotion--The Lovers had all three in spades." - J.A. DeRouen, Author
"The Lovers is a beautifully crafted story of learning to love yourself and who you are in order to fully love another." - Andrea Johnston, Author


Release Date: October 25th, 2018
Cover Design: Lori Jackson Design

I loved him first.

Jake was my best friend in college-my very straight best friend, until one night he was more. He may have run after what happened between us, but I never forgot him. 

When fate puts us in the same place, five years later, he has a fiance by his side. Carina is beautiful, driven, and draws my attention almost as much as he still does. 

A game of truth or dare leads to a wild night and a relationship that has our feelings growing into something bigger than any of us intended. 

But what happens when our feelings deepen? Can I handle being with two people?

If it means I can have him, I’ll love them both.

About the author:
Fiona Cole is a military wife and a stay at home mom with a degree in Biology and Chemistry. As much as she loved science she decided to postpone her career to stay at home with her two little girls and immersed herself in the world of books until finally deciding to write her own. Where You Can Find Me is Fiona's debut novel and will hopefully be the first of many.

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