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Friday, October 2, 2015

the promise of all she desires - The Protector Project by Jenna Lincoln

What she thinks she wants is to uncover the root causes of the war between the Protectors and the masked Gaishan, maybe find a way to end it. But what she really wants is a future—for herself and the others—beyond the battlefield. 


Teen soldier Mara de la Luz is about to find out what makes her so special that some would kidnap and kill her—and others, willingly die for her. 


Mara is a 16-year-old soldier who’s spent years fighting a war that’s lasted generations. Wide-eyed children, some just turned thirteen, rarely survive their first fights despite her best efforts to train and lead them. What she thinks she wants is to uncover the root causes of the war between the Protectors and the masked Gaishan, maybe find a way to end it. But what she really wants is a future—for herself and the others—beyond the battlefield. 

Then she’s injured in combat, and when an enemy fighter not only heals her wounds but reveals his face, she sees the promise of all she desires. This cunning teen Gaishan has answers to her questions, but first she must commit treason and travel beyond the boundaries of her world. She must brave a place where everything rests on the point of a blade: her loyalties, her friends, her heart.


Mara torqued the man’s arm higher, forcing him to bend forward. “What do you want? Why were you attacking her?” 
“Mara?” Dalin’s voice in her head. “Nuwa called for help. Is she…?” 
“She’s good with her hands,” Mara sent. “We’re safe.” 
Less than two minutes later Dalin appeared, running flat out. He slowed as he reached the corner and nodded at Mara, visibly approving of the painful hold she was using on the attacker. He hugged his sister hard. 
“Some of the guys are on their way to talk with this gentleman,” he said, giving Nuwa one more squeeze. With no warning, he punched the man in the stomach. The attacker doubled over, making retching sounds. 
Mara released the man’s wrist and he fell forward onto both hands with a groan. 
“Take Nuwa to your aunt’s house. Everyone is waiting there. Please.” Dalin tugged her hood back over her hair. “Be alert. On the double, okay?” He winked at his sister, though a smile only ghosted across his mouth. “Nice work, ladies. Let me know when you get there.” 
Nuwa started down the street and Mara jogged a few steps to catch up. The girl increased her pace until she was nearly running. 
“I’m fine,” she answered, not sounding fine. 
“You seem…upset…” Mara wasn’t sure what to say. 
“I’m not like my brother,” she said, “and I always complained when he and Dad made me practice defending myself. So many years practicing and I always felt safe.” 
“But I wasn’t,” she said. 
“It worked,” Mara said at the same time. Fighting, being attacked, was part of her life on such a deep level that she wasn’t sure how to understand the girl’s shock. 
As they turned onto Ansell Street, Nuwa said, “Thank you.” 
“For what?” Mara said, truly surprised. “I’m a soldier and I didn’t get a hand on the guy before you dropped him.” Her tone made it sound as though she’d been deprived of a terrifically fun opportunity. 
When the girl laughed, it was wobbly, but as she spoke again her voice was stronger. “No wonder my brother likes you. You two are just the same. Oh and I just told him we got here without any other surprises.” She pushed open the door and walked inside. 
In the settlements, when a girl said, ‘my brother likes you,’ she meant it in a way specific to teasing, courting, and sometimes, kissing. Given that she had literally nothing to bring to a match, Mara decided Dalin’s sister had misspoken. She must have meant something more like, ‘my brother doesn’t mind you being around even though his mission is technically over.’ 
During their brief time at the way house, Dalin had been considerate and open and Mara had trusted him with her questions. And even her first few days in Satri he’d been kind, helping her through the swing, checking in through rapport. But just now, the moment when he’d touched her hair, clarified how little they’d connected beyond occupying the same physical space for several weeks.

About the author:
Jenna Lincoln loves to read, write, and talk about reading and writing. She spent many happy years as a language arts teacher doing just those things. After dabbling in Firefly and Supernatural fan fiction,

Jenna got serious about building her own imaginary world, big enough to get lost in for a long, long time.

When she comes back to reality, Jenna enjoys her home in beautiful Colorado with her husband and two daughters.

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