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Friday, October 30, 2015

Janice FreeCut is back, in an entirely new world: Earth. - A New World (The Vampire World #1) by Rich Douglas

"I really enjoyed the originality of this book, [...] This novel was fast paced and I never got bored of it. There are so many things that happen and in a timely fashion that there isn't a boring chapter at all. It was very entertaining just to find out what would happen next or where it would take place." -  about book #1 - Goodreads, Amanda Riga


Published: October 25th, 2015

Janice FreeCut is back, in an entirely new world: Earth. She is home, yet there is one problem. She is a vampire, a living, breathing vampire. How can she possibly survive on Earth? Meanwhile TriFang is on the hunt for human blood, and they are ready to take Janice back with her, along with her hometown of innocent humans. Can Janice and her fellow humans survive? Meanwhile, the love of her life, Brett BloodCut, goes to Earth with Janice, ready to spice up the romance. Enjoy the exciting thriller, Book 2 of the Vampire World Series, by Rich Douglas.

A popular teen is bitten by a vampire during a steamy night of making out with her boyfriend. After the bite, she wakes up in a cruel orphanage in Vampire World, with no memory of her past. She’s left with very little; only fangs, pale skin and a keen desire for blood.

Marissa, who’s named Janice in Vampire World, escapes the ghastly orphanage thanks to Mr. John FreeCut, an old, benevolent vampire who adopts Janice because he wants to foster children he could never have. He says her parents died in a crash. Beautiful, innocent and thrust into an enigmatic world she has no memory of, Janice must face many challenges. The grueling blood hostess job. The multiple stalkers and creepers who are hungry for her and her blood. The dizzying fireball competition. And most challenging, the fact that she doesn’t look or act like a vampire.

Janice is emotionally overwhelmed. Thankfully she makes some friends, including Brett BloodCut. Brett and Janice are immersed in a passionate romance, and Brett helps Janice adjust to her new world by giving her the love, confidence and knowledge she needs to survive as a vampire. Janice finds a way to succeed in such a problematic world. Things go well for Janice, though not for long. A stranger knows the truth about her past.

Slowly but surely Janice discovers the truth that she is being lied to by the ones she loves. She must learn the secret behind TriFang, and ultimately accept the stinging reality that things are not always what they seem. Could the truth ever be so bloody?

About the author:
I am from New Orleans, Lousiana and I write young adult novels, fantasy and science fiction. 

My new novel, Vampire World, is now available. If you enjoy reading paranormal YA fiction, please check this out now.

The Magical Tale of Eliza Felding, Book 1 of a trilogy, takes place in New Orleans one year after Hurricane Katrina. It involves teens, romance and tons of magic. 

The Secret of the Dogs is a children's book about four very different dogs (a Basenji, a Greyhound, a Pomeranian and an Airdale Terrier) who go on a quest to rescue a young boy that is being abused by his father.

I love writing, teaching, storm chasing, traveling and drinking orange soda.

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