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Thursday, October 15, 2015

a clandestine role - The Divide (Dreamland #2) by E.J. Mellow

Molly finally uncovers the truth about the strange dreams that plagued her sanity for weeks. Now destined to accept a clandestine role, Molly must find the strength and courage buried deep to push forward and succeed.


Release Date: October 15th, 2015

Molly finally uncovers the truth about the strange dreams that plagued her sanity for weeks. Now destined to accept a clandestine role, Molly must find the strength and courage buried deep to push forward and succeed.

With the help of Dev, the roguish blue-eyed man of her dreams—whose dark past resurfaces to haunt him—Molly prepares to test the limits of her newly awakened powers and set right a world on the edge of being consumed by nightmares.

But when an unknown shadow stalks her every step and a shocking revelation about her ancestry comes to light, Molly may find herself forced to make a decision that could leave her alone in the dark and standing on the wrong side of a divide.

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HE LEANED AGAINST the wall, studying the bare table before him. The surface was white, smooth, and looked entirely uncomfortable. How would it feel to wake up on such a thing? He couldn’t imagine it being pleasant, but then she’d dealt with worse than lying on a cold surface. Frowning, he wondered if she was scared to come here or if she was entirely fearless as she closed her dark eyes—eyes that he’d seen burn with determination—only to open them to an unknown beginning.

Staying perfectly still, he was unable to look at anything but the emptiness. How long had he been waiting? How long had he been trained to the same fixture? The answer didn’t matter. He would never miss this. He promised her he’d be here, promised he’d never let anything happen to her. A promise he failed to keep with someone else.

“Dev, you can wait outside,” said a soft feminine voice. “You don’t need to stand around counting the seconds. I’m sure you have responsibilities you are neglecting.”

“If I leave, I would be neglecting my greatest responsibility,” Dev said evenly.

Elena sat on the other side of the room, a small smile touching her features. She wore the traditional white robe of the Vigil elders, and her posture was straight but relaxed. Her composure was something that always, ironically, unnerved him.

“Does she return these feelings?”

At her disruptive question, Dev snatched his eyes away from his target and latched on to another. She regarded him collectedly, like she did all things, with an expression that suggested she had seen into his future, flickered through his past, and held his current desires, wondering how much he might know of them.

He stayed silent, both unwilling and unsure how to answer.

“I must speak freely,” she went on. “I am both happy and saddened by your situation.”

His brows pinched in. “What do you mean?”

She tilted her head curiously, looking straight into his soul, and he did his best to seem calm, to not show how her ominous eyes affected him. Terra only knew how her guards dealt with being around her so much.

“I see your path as one that forks. As to which road you follow, that is still to be determined.”

Dev breathed out a laugh. “Aren’t most things in life still to be determined?”

“Perhaps for some.”

“Well then, is it safe to assume the cliché that one of these roads is happy and the other sad?” he asked, quickly growing tired of this vague game of prophecies.

“That all depends.”

“On what?”

She regarded him evenly. “On her.” She paused for a moment. “And on you.”


She nodded.


Elena smoothed a nonexistent wrinkle from her dress. “I think the more important question is whether your heart is willing to sacrifice again to find out?”

Dev’s stomach tightened, and he dropped his eyes back to the empty table. Memories he’d buried deep within the ocean of time suddenly gasped for the surface, but he smothered them quickly. A shiver of past regret clicked down his spine. But that’s all it was, the past, and it could no longer bar him from having a future. Is your heart willing to sacrifice again?

He swallowed. “Was it ever willing?”

Elena stayed silent, allowing his question to echo through the room, and after a moment, Dev went back to staring at nothing and waiting for everything.

About the author:
I'm the author behind the NA Contemporary Fantasy trilogy The Dreamland Series. When I'm not busy moonlighting in the realm of make-believe, I can be found doodling, buried in a book (usually this one), or playing video games. 

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