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Friday, October 9, 2015

A man without faith about religion, morality and death - Doomed Soul by Robert Boomsliter

A man without faith shares his views as the end of life approaches. 
The views are reflections on religion, morality and death. 


A man without faith shares his views as the end of life approaches. The views are reflections on religion, morality and death. 

The deeply religious will find little of interest here and may find some of the material incomprehensible. 

Some moderates who have noticed twinges of doubt or discomfort in certain beliefs may find some explanations for those feelings. 

The faithless will probably understand it all. It is the author's hope that for them, it will be a pleasant read.

"While I don’t necessarily agree with Robert’s views, I appreciated the thoughtfulness and thoroughness that went into these essays. He is able to convey his beliefs, or lack thereof, in a very concise and succinct fashion which I enjoyed. Readers who like to expose themselves to the way other people think would also enjoy this book. I find it valuable to expose myself to the way others experience the world and would definitely recommend this book to others who feel the same." - Goodreads, Jennifer

"Boomsliter, you see, has a sense of humor (in this he owes more to Christopher Hitchens than the triumvirate mentioned above, although Boomsliter’s wit is just a tad less acerbic than Hitchens’). And humor is so desperately needed in the cultural conversation about religion. This is not to say that Boomsliter’s book takes the subject lightly, or that he takes a comedic approach to the subject, just that he loosens up a bit, and has some fun." - Self Publishing

About the author:

I am a retired electrical engineer, my career of 41 years spent mostly in Silicon Valley, California. I was one of those extremely fortunate individuals who enjoyed their work so much that it seemed unfair that I should be paid to perform it.

My profession required some technical writing but I never aspired to author anything that would be interesting to the general reader.

Doomed Soul is my first attempt to do so and I hope that its introduction is a clear explanation why I chose to do it.

I currently live in Florida with my wife Babs and two bichon frise dogs named Boomer and Gabby.

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