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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

a deeper sensuality... - Foxoddness by Maureen O. Betita

18++ A house by the beach, happily married for over 25 years – what more could Sarah and Andrew Denby need? Yet, something is missing…until Will Bramble knocks on their door. He leads them into a deeper sensuality than they ever imagined. 


Published: September 15th, 2015
Cover Artist: Barbara Cool Lee

A house by the beach, happily married for over 25 years – what more could Sarah and Andrew Denby need? Yet, something is missing…until Will Bramble knocks on their door. He leads them into a deeper sensuality than they ever imagined. 

The lanky redhead figures on a quick seduction, some fun in the sack and moving on. But Sarah’s laughter, Andrew’s strength, and the welcome of their bed, fills the hollow place in his heart. 

From the haunted hills of Santa Bella, to the rambling fields of Scotland and the enchantments of Ireland, they discover the powers of physical intimacy, while the legacy of his magic, hidden beneath his human skin, brings their world to life.

Guilty pleasures - Erotic romance stories

Hi, I’m Maureen O. Betita and I like to read erotic books. Romantic or not. In fact, I think the onus on erotica is more against those without a romantic aspect. 

At least, with erotic romance stories, there is a point beyond the big O. I publish erotic romance under my given name, and erotica under Maura Blue. I’d been writing the Blue stuff for years, for my own pleasure and because sometimes…a hot topic really has nothing beyond it than being hot. No personal development, no finding of a happily ever whatever. Just a fun and pleasant scratching of an itch.

And haven’t we all delighted in that now and then?

I’d like to see us celebrate that aspect of our physical self now and then. But, then again, I’d like to see women reclaim the word slut, making it the feminine equivalent of the male stud. 

But that’s me.

Actually, when it comes to erotic romance it’s quite hard to find a romance that doesn’t include some erotic element anymore. Not to mention that the word erotic is a one of those words that continues to evolve according to societal norms. 

I can remember reading the Angelique series, by Serganne Golan, when I was in 7th and 8th grades. By the standards of those times, these books were steamy as hell. A beautiful French woman, many lusting after her, becoming a bit of a lusty adult…lots of French history… If my father had known what we were reading, my sister and I, we wouldn’t have been reading them. Mom knew and gave us credit for our advanced reading skills.

We went to a Catholic school and put plain brown covers on them. My word, we were scandalous girls!

Nowadays, they’d be watered down wine to the extent of water stored in a former wine barrel. One generation’s erotica is another generation’s Renaissance Faire theatrical act.

This reality has given me fits with what I write. Again and again, a dear friend would tell me I’m writing erotic romance. Time and time again, I’d shake my head and say, “I just write steamy stuff. It isn’t hot enough to be erotic romance.

You see, my standards of what is erotic went a lot further than what I wrote. Only recently have I stepped back far enough to see that I do write erotic romance. And sometimes, I write things that need a warning label. I think, because my written sex always has a reason and a point – even if that point is pleasure – I fought against seeing it labeled as erotic.

It’s like I was a prude in reverse. Amazing.

Foxoddness is a bit like that. When I wrote it, I knew it was steamy. A ménage is steamy, simply put. What I created is also playful and evolved into more than just sex. I wanted to tell a story about a couple coming into the realization that adding another person to their bed, and marriage, increased their intimacy, as opposed to taking it away. Or being a betrayal of their vows. I wanted a magical element to it, partly because I consider sex very magical.

Is erotic romance a guilty pleasure? Probably, but I say embrace the guilt. And give your definition of what is erotic a chance to spread it’s wings. And…if you can’t find what rings your bells, start writing. For yourself, for you partner. Who knows where it might take you!

What was the steamiest thing you read when younger? Do you look back on it now and wonder how it would, or will be, looked at, in a decade or two? What do you think?

About the author:
Maureen O. Betita believes in the transformative power of sensual encounters. She uniquely blends erotic romantic adventure, plus fantasy/paranormal elements in her books, including The Kraken’s Caribbean series and the Forever A Pirate series.

Pirate Festivals, Steampunk Gatherings, Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions, Renaissance Faires – these are all within her social sphere and she borrows, steals, and creates stories from her adventures at these venues. Her imagination includes worlds of science fiction romance with three books revolving around the common theme of Alien Encounters; an intricate creation of contemporary erotic fantasy, with Born in Flight; and trips to a slightly alternative side of contemporary Ireland with the upcoming 5 books series, Sex Magic.

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Dan Denman said...

I like the cover and description of the book. I hope that it is a big success!

Maureen said...

Thank you, Dan - do consider trying it out. I put it on sale just for this book tour, so it's only 99 cents right now!

patrick siu said...

I have enjoyed learning about the book. Thanks for sharing it.

Maureen said...

My pleasure, Patrick!

Danielle Merkle said...

What a great giveaway, thank you!

Maureen said...

You're welcome Danielle! Good luck!

Stephanie LaPlante said...

Sounds like a pretty steamy read. Thanks for sharing.

Maureen said...

Thanks for visiting the blog!

fee roberts said...

What or who inspired the author to start writing?

Maureen said...

I grew up reading sword and sorcery adventures. And Tarzan was my first love. I don't remember not being able to read and always had a book in my hand. In my early twenties I started working in bookstores, I was always looking for something to read that brought back that sort of swashbuckling sense of everyday adventures. Finally, I started writing what I wanted to read. Grown up now, I added in more sensual bits and pieces...but at the heart of it all, is the idea of adventures!

Juana said...

I enjoyed both the book description, and the guest post.

Johnny's Girl said...

I had a chance to read this book, it's excellent!!!

Michelle Klingen said...

How do you come up with your characters?

Maureen said...

A lot of character traits come from my personal flaws and the strengths I wish I had. No one is safe! I observe friends and family, people around me and - hopefully - create characters from what I see.

Robyn Donnelly said...

I look forward to reading your books and keep up the great work.

Maureen said...

Thanks, Robyn!

Bridgett wilbur said...

I would love to read this book it sounds great. ty.

gemiinii said...

Looking forward to reading this book