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Monday, February 23, 2015

Will she run away or try to save me? - Beneath His Darkness (Healing Hearts #3) by Renee Dyer

From Goodreads: "I absolutely have to read Renee's other books now! While reading this book, I cried, I smiled, I cringed. I laughed, I wanted to hit stuff, and my heart jumped for joy. This lady sure knows how to throw a ton of emotions at you. And she does so intensely! This is one book that will leave you will have you unable to wait until the end to see how it turns out, yet sad because it's over. "


Release Date: February 23rd, 2015

If I could describe my world in a color, it would be black.
My heart is black. My mind is black. Everything is black.
I let darkness take over when I was sixteen. That’s when my world fell apart.

That’s when I learned Tucker Stavros took my life away from me.

I’ve spent years allowing the darkness to comfort me; letting it take my emotions and box them up.

Why do I need emotions anyway? They only make me weak. I need to be strong for what needs to be done.
What needs to be done, you ask?
That’s simple. Destroy Tucker. Bring him to his knees. Show him how it feels to lose everything.
Well, that was the plan, until Cammie Richards walked into my life.

Now there are gray areas — slight color bleeding through the black.

What happens when she looks beneath my darkness and sees the monster lurking there?

Will she run away or try to save me?
How do I tell her I can’t be saved?

About the author:
From a young age Renee Dyer had a love of writing, starting with a doodle pad at age four that soon turned into journals and later computer documents.

Poetry became short stories and short stories became a novel. 

Although she's surrounded by males all day having three sons, a husband and a hyperactive chocolate lab, she still finds time to be all woman when she escapes into the fantasy of reading and writing romance. 

That is, until she needs male perspective and garners eye rolling from her husband. She's a true New Englander. 

You'll find her screaming profanity at her TV while the Pats play and cuddling under blankets during the cold seasons (which is most of them) reading a good book. 

To her snow is not a reason to shut things down, only a reason to slow down and admire the beauty. Ask her questions and she'll answer them. She's an open book, pun fully intended.