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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kids Moment: Giveaway - "Have You Seen My Tail?" by Kathryn Harper

Description: 3 to 8

Anyone who has ever struggled to accept - or longed to experience - change of any kind will be able to relate to Katie-Jane's second story, "Have You Seen My Tail?" 

Using rhyming verse, and laugh-out-loud moments, Katie-Jane begins this story feeling bored. She is surprised and shocked as she meets a butterfly, a frog and a snake; who are all struggling to accept the recent big changes in their lives. Different perspectives help all four characters to accept their own situations, and embrace change in the way life offers it to them. 

"Have You Seen My Tail?" is the second book in the six-part Katie-Jane series, designed to encourage the reader to 'be the very best version of you.'

"Am I a Chameleon?" is the first book in the Katie-Jane series - written for 3-8 year olds - to encourage personal power and self belief. Each book introduces a concept through a lively, rhyming story and beautiful illustrations.

"Am I a Chameleon?" is a story about being shy, fitting in and finding out who you are.

Katie-Jane tells her story as she meets a chameleon and instantly feels a connection, before being questioned by a bold and bright parrot who leaves her feeling confused. Through the story, Katie-Jane asks the opinions of three other creatures who they think she is – before realising that no-one else can determine that but herself.

‘Katie-Jane explains’ goes into greater depth about the concepts explored in the story at the end of the book – for readers who find they need a little more explanation.

Early Buzz About the Book

"Author Kathryn Harper offers insightful questions and answers at the end of the book explaining how she feels about change. I love how these insightful thoughts give the reader a chance to verbalize their own feelings. Like her other books, the illustrations are beautiful and vivid. Each of the animals has a wonderfully rich texture, color, and personality. The Katie-Jane books continue to not disappoint, I look forward to seeing the next books in the series." ~ 5 Star Review, Katherine R., Amazon

"Katie-Jane is a very sweet character in "Have You Seen My Tail?" She helps to explain change in a gentle and unsuspecting way. This is the second book in the series for Author, Kathryn Harper. She writes a relatable story that children all over the world can grasp and understand. " ~ 5 Star Review, Mary Jo P., Amazon

About the author:
I have always loved to write, draw and create, but my books are inspired by more than my love for their medium. As a child I was selective mute. Both my struggles and my breakthroughs are a source of inspiration toward creating Katie-Jane and her stories. I grew up in the UK, after living in Johannesburg between the ages of two and five. Today I live in Wanaka, New Zealand, with my two gorgeous children and partner, Simon. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to call this place home, where an adventure can begin every time we step outside.

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