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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Guest Post and Giveaway: Tatted Mom's Guide to NOT Screwing Up Your Kids by Morgan Moss


Motherhood is chaotic.

Some days are filled with unicorns and fairy dust, and some days the unicorn craps on your brand new rug and the fairies are flying around, crashing into walls. Mainstream parenting books help with the unicorn and fairy dust days, but what happens when your kid drops the f-bomb in a crowded grocery store? 

That's where "Tatted Mom's Guide to NOT Screwing Up Your Kids" comes into play, tackling situations in motherhood that you were definitely not warned about. Think of this book as your manual to the parenting problems that leave you throwing your hands up in the air, wondering if you are the only mom who goes through this craziness, and has you hiding in the back of your closet with a bottle of Moscato and a cheesecake (we've all been there). 

"Tatted Mom's Guide to NOT Screwing Up Your Kids" includes: 

~The myths that mainstream parenting books tell you, and how they don't apply to every mother. 
~How to deal with temper tantrums from toddlers to tweens. 
~How to "win" the various battles you will have with your children (like the Personal Hygeine Battle and the Clothing Battle) 
~Tips on dealing with picky eaters and the difficult potty trainee. 
~Helping build your tween's self esteem and creating a strong family unit.
~Motherly advice on parenting from birth until the tweenaged years (around 12 years old) 
~Mom Competition, unplugging your kids, chores, peer pressure and more! 

Written by an unconventional, tattooed, colorful mother whose out-of-the-box parenting tips have proven successful for many families, regardless of parenting style, "Tatted Mom's Guide to NOT Screwing Up Your Kids" weaves together helpful advice with humorous stories from the author's own trials and tribulations as a mom, as well as stories from other moms and dads on their own parenting journeys. 

So get the kids in bed, grab a glass of wine and something sweet from your hidden stash of goodies (we all have one of those, too), and crack open "Tatted Mom's Guide to NOT Screwing Up Your Kids". Your mom-sanity will thank you.

Learning by a Manual?

My family plays those puzzle strategy games on the computer- those ones, for example, where you are locked in a room and have to figure out how to get out by pushing wall panels or by using what you have available to you, which only happens to be an avocado, a rubber band and a playing card. After pushing every panel and trying to make a key out of a fruit, my kids desperately want to move onto the next level, so they consult a strategy guide for hints on what they are supposed to do to get out of this room.

That’s what “Tatted Mom’s Guide to NOT Screwing Up Your Kids” is- a strategy guide filled with hints on what to do when parenthood has given you an avocado, a rubber band and a playing card to get out of a locked room, metaphorically speaking, of course. It’s not a follow-every-rule-stated type of book, nor is it a book that gives you exact equations of “If you do this, then your kids will definitely turn out like this.” That type of book not exist in the parenting genre, and if someone claims their book is an exact equation for successful parenting, sad to say, they are lying.

I believe the best way to learn is through experience, which is why I took my experiences thus far in parenting and compiled them into a strategy guide for other moms and dads. My methods won’t work for everyone, but they may help give the reader insight on how they want to deal with the curveballs parenthood throws at them. I added in some great stories and tips from parents all over the US, too, and funny stories from my own trials and tribulations as a mother to make readers laugh along the way. Readers can read through my experiences, try what feels right for their family, and discard what they feel won’t work.

Do I feel people should go through life only living according to what they’ve read in books? Of course not. That takes all of the fun out of pushing random wall panels and wondering if you are to eat the avocado or save it for something possibly more important down the line. But, if after I pushed every wall panel and still can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do, I have a guide that tells me one person rolled up the playing card, wrapped the rubber band around it, and then used that to scrape around the loose wall panel, further loosening it to escape from the room, why not try it? It may lead to my freedom, or it could lead to a web full of baby spiders. The experience is my own, even though the tip came from someone else.

Plus, I really wanted to eat the avocado, anyway. 

About the author:
Morgan Moss is the creator of The Inklings of Life humor parenting blog (www.theinklingsoflife.com), which was named a Top 10 Mom Blog of 2013 by the parenting website VoiceBoks (www.voiceboks.com). Many of her parenting and motherhood articles have been featured on sites such as the Huffington Post, Babble, WhatToExpect.com, Mamapedia, Parent Society and BlogHer.com. She is a trained tattoo artist, and spends her free time creating mixed media art.


BrandiKae said...

Thank you for hosting today!

Joseph Hawkshaw said...

No i did not they grew up great.

Tattedmom said...

Thank you so much for hosting my book tour today, and for the awesome guest post prompt; It was my favorite post to write for this tour!
Morgan Moss aka Tatted Mom

Unknown said...

I am so glad there are tatted mommies out there blogging about how its ok to be a good mommy and still be yourself(tatted, that is)! I am trying to be a first time mommy (gotta get preggers first)