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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Release Day! Excerpt and Giveaway: Surprise Passion Series Box Set by Mia Fox as Lola Bond

Cover Artist: Evatopia Media


The Surprise Passion Series Box Set features four erotica novelettes by author Lola Bond, the pen name behind romance author Mia Fox. 

Each erotica novelette in the Surprise Passion Series features an adventurous and independent woman experiencing monster fantasy that conveys romance and tasteful eroticism. The box set series includes the titles, “Ready for the Yeti,” “Going Steady with the Yeti,” “Ethel and the Merman,” and “Scent of the Centaur.” 

These are fan favorites, combined for your convenience and reading pleasure. Each erotica title combines humor with sexiness and carries the theme that you never know when or where passion can be found.

From “Ethel and the Merman”
     “You saved me.” It sounded cliche, but what else could I say? Except perhaps, “Thank you.”
    “You’re welcome.” His voice was low and smooth, and it washed over me like a tidal wave. His hand moved to the small of my back, ensuring that I didn’t slide off the board as he guided it closer to shore.
     Other than the fact that he was probably the most gorgeous guy I had ever laid eyes on, I didn’t notice that anything was awry until the board started moving at a speed that was far faster than humanly possible.
      My breath hitched and I gripped the board harder.
     “Don’t worry. You’re safe.
    Those words...I had heard them before. I started to relax in spite of the speed at which we were traveling. Oddly, I did feel safe.
    “How is this possible?”
     “Ethel, I’m not what you would call an average man.”

About the author:
Lola Bond is the pen name of contemporary romance author Mia Fox. The new moniker developed when two friends challenged Mia to write a humorous tale of monster fantasy. Not only was Lola Bond born, but also a new slate of adult-themed books for women with a sense of humor and an adventurous side, known as the Surprise Passion series.

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