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Monday, December 30, 2013

Breakneck series by Crystal Spears

Winter Belov was the sweet innocent one in her crime family, the dutiful daughter that never disappointed her father. One day, her father does the unspeakable. When he turns his back, Winter flees across the country, taking her life savings with her, determined never to enter that sort of lifestyle again.

No longer innocent, she now lives in Nevada. Lana is her best friend and the only family Winter has. Together, they are two of the best exotic dancers in the county. While working a shift, Pyro, Lana’s long time crush, propositions Winter. He begs her to do a private gig at Breakneck. She accepts, with the condition that Lana dances with her.

When Winter’s eyes lock with Braxxon Breaker's, the President of Breakneck, she realizes she is no longer free; she has been seized. He is everything she is running from but at the same time, everything she wants. Braxxon will not take no for an answer, and purposely disrupts Winter’s life.

Rivals of Braxxon’s club are vicious and they do something that will have him out for blood. Winter's and Braxxon’s relationship is anything but a normal one. If they want to be together, crimes must be committed, friendships will be broken and people are going to die.

What happens when all that chaos mixes with Winter’s father locating her? It will be a bloodshed when Winter and Braxxon seek revenge and take no prisoners.

While the chaos and bloodshed have slowed for a short period, life is never quiet in the world of Breakneck. The club is taking time to regroup from internal betrayal and the changing of the guard in a rival group.

Zig Zag became a father at the age of thirteen. While raising a child has never been easy, now his eighteen year old daughter Tatiana makes his life downright hard. She has caught the eye of Travis, the new President of the rival MC Gunners, but all she really wants is Shadow, the newest addition to the Breakneck family. When Shadow’s rejection sends Tatiana running from the only family, home, and safety she’s ever known, ZZ is crazy with worry. The distraction caused by Tatiana’s disappearance could prove to be Zig Zag’s downfall.

If that isn’t enough, ZZ finds himself rampantly attracted to the one and only Storm. She’s beautiful, quick and witty. Their friendship is the one thing that keeps him from growing crazy, and Storm stands by ZZ through all the turmoil. Zig Zag is not accustomed to hearing the word no, so Storm’s constant withstanding just draws him in deeper. Their friendship is one thing keeping him from going crazy, until one night…

The club is regrouping and rebuilding from the mayhem known as the Russian Mafia. A hit is ordered on Tatiana, Storm, Winter, and Piper.

Tatiana’s egg donor reveals secrets that a thirteen year old Zig Zag was too young to understand.

Braxxon is out of reach while he helps Greg Cage deal with some dirty business.

Bloodshed… Secrets… Betrayal… Trauma… Welcome back to the Breakneck world.

One look at the beautiful Hawaiian flower dancing on stage at his buddy’s strip club and Pyro’s world changes. He’s lost, captivated, head over heels. He tries to stay away, resist her charms, but he just can’t find the strength to do it. Instead, he hires Hazel and Winter as entertainment for the Breakneck President’s thirtieth birthday party, unknowingly putting the girls’ lives in danger.
Hazel convinces Winter to take the Breakneck gig so that she can get closer to Pyro. Playing the temptress to the max, Hazel appears on stage wearing white angel wings, and little else, drawing Pyro in to where she wants him. Needless to say, they both get very little sleep that night.

One night together making love until the sun comes up and these two are in too deep. But this is the Breakneck world, and sunrise brings gunfire and bloodshed. Time brings Winter’s abduction and brutal rape. Hazel’s guilt burrows deep, and she pushes everyone away. She is resenting herself for convincing Winter to enter this Breakneck world. She is resenting Pyro for ensnaring her heart.

This is the story of Pyro and Lana. It is simply the story of how, sometimes, love just isn’t enough.

***Spoiler Alert: It is recommended that you read Seize Me before you read Resenting Me. Resenting Me is entwined with Seize Me and contains many, many spoilers.


Midway through Chapter 31 and Chapter 32 in Withstanding Me.  
Be advised 18 and older.

“I’m here,” I croak, my voice hoarse. He enters the doorway and drops down in front of me. I’m gasping for air, and he surveys the room. “Oh shit baby. You fought; you fucking fought back.”

I nod my head yes, as I rub my throat. “Tatiana.” I gasp and take off on my hands and knees until I can get upright.

“MACE,” I scream out hoarsely. 

Oh god, oh god. 

“We’re back here,” Mace yells back.

When I stumble through the door of the room, I stop, and Mason slams into my back. 

“It’s not our blood.” Mace answers quickly and points to the right. “It’s that motherfucker’s.”

Berry, Rap, and Winter. I take off, bounding down the steps, one floor after another. When I hit the landing, my ankle almost gives out as I run and bang on the bathroom door. Rap calls back that everything is okay and I fly towards the utility closet.

“ANGEL,” Braxxon roars.

“She’s in here,” I call back as I work to remove all the shit I threw on top of the crawl space door.

Both Mason and Braxxon run up to the door. “Where the fuck is she?” Braxxon curses at me.

“I locked her in the damn crawl space. She was trying to play fucking Rambo.”

Braxxon pushes me outta the way, and when Mason picks me up by my arms, I give way and start bawling. Fuck, what a nightmare. 

“It’s okay.” Mason croons.

“No it’s not. I couldn’t figure out the safety on Sniper’s gun,” I gasp through my tears. “I almost died. That’s not okay.”

Mason stiffens beneath me.

“WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?” Winter yells as Braxxon helps her outta the crawlspace. “GOING AROUND SAVING EVERYONE BUT YOUR OWN FUCKING SELF.”

He stiffens more beneath me.

“I… I promised Mason that I wouldn’t let anything happen to them.”

Rap and Berry come out of the bathroom. “Storm threw us into the tub, and took off after Tatiana, Mace, and Winter.”

Mason pulls away and stares at me. 

“She tried strangling the Russian that was trying to rape me too,” says Tatiana while coming down the other side of the hall.”


“I FUCKING PROMISED,” I scream, jerking away from Mason and walking towards the downstairs couch.

“Storm,” Mason growls low as he sits beside me. “What are they talking about?”

“Don’t ask me to make promises, and then not expect me not to fulfill them, Mason,” I say while rubbing at my neck. I lift my fingers and see blood. 

Hearing the sirens, I cringe. Fuck, all this, and now the cops?

“What did I fuckin’ tell you about your life meaning just as much as theirs?”

I look into his brown eyes and say. “They’re important to you, so they’re important to me.”

He flinches. “You’re important to me too Storm, not just them.”

I say nothing. I just blink and lay my head back. I’m too emotional to be sharing feelings right now.

“Wait. Where’s Piper?” I fling myself up.

Mason puts his hand on my chest. “She’s fine. Sniper found her hiding in one of the cars.”

I let out a breath before realizing two other people are missing. “Bom-Bom? Creamy?”

Shadow snorts. “Those bitches took off.”

Good for them.

“I’m so fuckin’ pissed at you,” Winter hisses behind me.

“Get over it. Your ass is pregnant.”

I’m tired of this shit. 


And I walk my pissed off ass up the stairs to my room. 


Chapter 32

The following afternoon…

I’ve left Storm alone. She needs time. I think. But I gave her last night after the cops and coroner left; I also gave her this morning. If she wasn’t hurting and pissed off at everyone, we’d be celebrating the fact we had no casualties for the first time. This woman put her life on the line for my entire family. Not once thinking about herself. That is straight up fucking love. I knock on her door, and push it open when I hear her sniffling. 

“I’m not mad at you ZZ; you can go away now.” She mumbles from the bed, and the breath rushes from my lungs. I feel my heart pound fast when she calls me ZZ. 

This isn’t happening. She’s not fucking pushing my ass away now. I kick off my boots and crawl into the bed beside her. I wrap my arms and legs around her and nuzzle my chin into the crook of her neck. “It guts me when you call me that.”

She sniffles some more. “I don’t know what you want from me. You ask me to protect them, and I did. Then you get mad at me.” 

Jesus Christ she’s killin me. I loosen my hold, and rolling her onto her back, I lay on top of her. I run my fingers through her bangs and then look down into her eyes. I try to keep my focus off of her neck. It’ll just piss me off. “I didn’t think you would take it that far Storm. No matter what, I always want you to take care of yourself too. Always.” Her blue eyes blink at me. 

“The Russians you went after?”

Of course, she tries changing the subject. I don’t know what this shit is where she’s not wanting to share her feelings now, but it’s pissing me off.

“The rest left; they’re not coming back. Stop changin the fuckin’ subject.”

She shrugs underneath me and I slump, placing my chin in between her tits. I’ve really got to fix this.

“I love you.”

She gasps and then starts pushing me away.

What the fuck?

“You don’t fucking love me,” she screams jumping up from her bed. “You don’t say shit like that.”

Jesus what did I do?

She throws a glass of pop at me, drenching me from head to toe. What the hell?

“Storm, stop,” I say calmly as I shrug outta my cut and fling the damn pop off.


Oh, for fucks sake.

“Not happening darlin. I love you, plain and simple. Deal with it.”

A candle flies at my head, and I duck. Shit, she’s on fire. 

“TAKE. IT. BACK.” She seethes.


What is this shit? I withstand her; she withstands me? I’m sick of it.

“You only think you love me because I keep saving our fuckin’ family.”

I start moving for her, and she starts back away.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

I shake my head with a laugh. “That right there is one of the reasons I love you.”

She stops moving. “What reason?”

“Because you just called my family yours babe. That’s one of my reasons.”

She gasps and starts backing away again. What the fuck is this going to take?

“I love you.” I say again.


Oh, fuck it.

I advance on her. If I have to use force, I will. I slam her back against the wall and cover her mouth with my hand as I lock her between the wall and me. Her blues eyes widen with shock. “I fuckin’ love you, Storm. I fuckin’ love you hard, baby. Deal with it. I love every single thing about you. Your tiny little figure, your black and blonde hair, that cute little nose stud, those pouty little lips, those big blue eyes, the way you love me, the way you love our family. You’re not giving up. I won’t let you. You once told me that’d I fall in love, and it would be with you. You remember that?” She nods under my hand. “You took me, a man that didn’t do love, and you owned me Storm. You fuckin’ own me.” I remove my hand and her body flings into mine, her hands moving quickly tugging off my shirt. “I love you.” I need to hear her fucking say it.

“I love you, too,” she cries, unbuckling my jeans. Thank fuck.

Our clothes fly everywhere and we collide, gasping and pulling at one another, bare skin to bare skin. My heart’s pounding a hundred miles an hour as I toss her onto her dresser. I smack her thighs and dig my fingers into her skin as I drag her to the edge and ram into her.

About the author:
Crystal Spears has always had a passion for literature. She fell in love with reading at an early age. After spending a decade in business management, she began blogging and book reviewing, only to find that that didn't satisfy her craving. So, she began to write. Like any Indie out there, she had goals and dreams. She wrote Talania - a trip down memory lane, a beautiful, contemporary romance novel. It almost made it to the top, just almost. 

Someone told Crystal to write what she knew. She gave serious thought to that advice. For many years, her father had been CEO of a well-known gun and surplus store in Texas. He then bought a tattoo shop where Crystal found herself surrounded by bikers. Hardcore bikers. The Bestselling Breakneck Series was born when Crystal decided to write what she knows. Don't get the wrong idea. Her Breakneck series is completely fictional, but based on things seen and heard, she now had a place to start writing from that knowledge. 

Seize Me was hardcore, and Crystal became the writer known as the chick with no boundaries. She took the critics the wrong way and made her next bestseller Withstanding Me a little tamer. Readers were quick to point out that they did not like that and demanded that Crystal return to gritty writing. When asked if she would write gritty from now on, her only answer was… “I'll write what my readers want me to write, and I'll also write what I feel.” 

Crystal resides in Indiana with her soon-to-be husband and their two children. They have a pit named Dozer, two fish, and one fancy rat. They enjoy the outdoors, and camp, fish, and go boating as much as possible. But, while the soon-to-be husband is out hunting this winter, Crystal will be writing three novels and planning her wedding. Crystal is a perfect example of never giving up on a dream or a goal. Her goal was to publish a book; her dream was to become a bestseller. She did both of these, and now, she feels that she’ll never regret leaving business management to become a writer. 

She stays humble, loves meeting new people, and is extremely excited to be a part of so many signings in 2014 with some top notch Authors.

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