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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I want to be like Gideon Lee. - Gideon Lee (Gideon Lee #1) by Lisa Orchard

Published: October 21st, 2014


Lark Singer’s relationship with her mother is prickly to say the least. As she enters a musical competition that could launch her career, Lark also searches for answers her mother would rather keep hidden. 

Throw into the mix the fact her best friend Bean has been acting strangely, and Lark finds herself launched into uncharted territory. 

Will her quest for answers sabotage her musical aspirations?

Lisa Orchard’s Gideon Lee is a tale of the coming of age of one young girl who is forced to stare life in the eyes and learn that her life is what she makes it. The inner monologue from Lark is priceless, painful and filled with every emotion, creating a chaotic storm that is threatening to overwhelm her. How sad that this angst-filled teen is so common in today’s society, too old to need constant supervision, too young to understand how to take care of herself in a world that will never be perfect. Well written, with a true feeling of coming from the heart and mind of a teen, Ms. Orchard has created a world that is easily identifiable for all ages. - Goodreads


Chapter One 

I want to be like Gideon Lee. My lips move as I read the title of my essay. They twitch as I stifle a snicker. Looking around the room, I make sure no one has seen my facial tic. My eyes light upon the Presidents’ pictures lined up on the wall. They face me, each with a unique expression, and I wonder what they were thinking while they posed. They are above the clock so my gaze naturally falls on it. It’s almost time for lunch. 

I settle back in my seat and my lips twitch again. A feeling of defiant exhilaration washes over me like a tidal wave. 

Montgomery’s going to freak when he reads this. 

Despite my best efforts, a giggle escapes and the boy in front of me turns around and gives me the evil eye. I return the glare. He is slumped over, and sweat beads on his upper lip. I think this is odd — it’s rather chilly in the room — but dismiss it before I turn back to my essay. 

I bet old man Montgomery doesn’t even know who Gideon Lee is. This thought sends another giggle to the surface, but I quickly squash it by biting my lip. 

I picture him searching Gideon Lee’s name on the Internet. I see his expression changing from confusion to disgust. I imagine him taking off his black, thick-rimmed glasses and shaking his head. I hear him mutter, “Lark Singer, what are you doing?” He rubs his face. I can actually hear the rough sandpapery sound as his hand finds his day old stubble. He sighs and puts his glasses back on. “What am I going to do with you?” 

I remember when Mr. Montgomery first told us about the assignment. We were supposed to write an essay on someone we admire, someone who has contributed to society in some way. I know when he says this he wants us to write about an a historical figure. After all this is history class, but I raised my hand anyway. 

“Lark,” he called out as he stood at his lectern. 

“Do they have to be dead?” 

He cocked his head as he studied me with his piercing blue eyes. Then he ran his hand over his military style crew cut, and I watched as his salt and pepper hair flattened then popped back into place as if each hair was standing at attention. I could tell he wasn’t sure where this was going. “Well… I guess not.” That’s when he froze, as if he realized he had just opened a door for me and he wasn’t going to like what was on the other side. He shifted his weight, and looked down at the floor before he backpedaled. “But they have to have made a positive contribution to society. It can’t be about a mobster or anything like that.” Pursing his lips, he stared at me, fiddling with those glasses. “This is one half of your semester grade, Lark. I wouldn’t pull any funny stuff.” 

“Oh, I won’t. Scout’s honor,” I answered sweetly, placing my hand over my heart and giving him the scout salute, while inside I planned my rebellion. 

I have him. I’m going to write about Gideon Lee, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

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About the author:
I am the oldest of four children and grew up in a small town in Western Michigan. I grew up reading mysteries, starting with "The Bobbsey Twins" and "The Nancy Drew" series.
By fifth grade I was writing my own mysteries and illustrating them as well. I've always known that I wanted to be a writer and I tucked that little piece of information into the back of my brain; determined to take it out and use it when it was time.
After graduating from Central Michigan University with a Marketing Degree, I landed a sales job. I was on my way! After spending 13 years in the Insurance industry, I met my husband. We soon married and had two beautiful boys. I decided to stay home with my kids. A tough decision, but one I don't regret.
I did, however, miss the hustle and bustle of work - and working toward a goal. That is when the little voice inside my brain said, "It's time to write."
So I did, and "The Super Spies and the Cat Lady Killer" was born, followed by my new book, "The Super Spies and the High School Bomber."
I am very excited as I begin this new "chapter" in my life.


Unknown said...

I loved the Excerpt. I just wanted to keep reading. I need to get this. I am putting on my wishlist as I type. :)

Juana said...

I enjoyed the excerpt. I am purchasing this story on my next book shopping spree.

Juana Esparza

Unknown said...

I Don't think I have ever read a book about music before. So this sounds good, it reminds me of one of my favorite movies, The voice. Thank you for the giveaway too

Ally Swanson said...

I really enjoyed reading the excerpt! This sounds like an interesting read! I will totally have to check it out.

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Interesting excerpt. I would love to read the whole book. Thanks for hosting.

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I really enjoyed the excerpt, thank you!

Unknown said...

excerpt is great and so is the cover thank you so much!!!!