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Friday, November 28, 2014

A thousand pages in one volume! - Ammonite Planets (Omnibus): Ammonite Galaxy #1-3 by Gillian Andrews


This omnibus edition exclusive to the Kindle bookstore brings you the first three books of the award-winning Ammonite Galaxy series - a thousand pages in one volume! 

"Awesome book! I'd give this 6 stars for writing if I could. I stayed up till 5 am last night because I was that enthralled." Rose - Podiobooks reviewer (about Valhai) 

Meet Six and Diva for the first time in this special omnibus edition of the first three books in this series, starting with Valhai, which is a Readers Favorite award-winning book and a Parsec Awards finalist. 

"It continues to astound me that this author has come up with something so completely original and interesting." Cynikat, Podiobooks reviewer. 


The two occupants were staring at each other in disbelief. 
“You’re a no-name!” said Diva, and took a step back. 
“And?” said Six, and took a step forward. 
“Don’t come near me!” 
“I was only going to offer you my hand!” Six said, plaintively. 
“I wouldn’t touch your grubby hand if I were drowning in a sea of Xianthan crocodiles!” snapped Diva. 
“Oh, So sorry, your mulchiness. If I could I would instantly remove my presence, but you may have noticed this cabin is for two, and we happen to be locked in.” 
“There must be some mistake. Kindly stay on your own side of the cabin!”

About the author:
I am English, although I live in Spain now. I've worked at all sorts of things, but have been writing too, on and off, since I was little. I have always been passionate about cosmology and astrophysics, so it was exciting to be able to bring that aspect into the series. I recently finished a masters in astronomy and astrophysics.

Valhai is the book I always wanted to write, but I got so involved with the characters myself that I simply had to go on writing about them, which turned a one-off novel into a series. I hope readers will identify with them and enjoy them too. I myself have been practically living in The Ammonite Galaxy for the last five years. It has become so real to me that I can almost touch it!

The books out so far in the series are:  Valhai, Kwaide, Xiantha, Pictoria, The Lost Animas, The Namura Stone (published September2014). Book Seven: The Trimorphs is to be published 2015.

Ammonite Planets is the omnibus edition of Books #1-3 and is exclusive to the Kindle store, and Ammonite Stars is the omnibus edition of Books #4-5, also exclusive to the Kindle store.

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