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Friday, November 28, 2014

A giant pack of lies. - Rehab Is For Witches

Published: October 31st, 2014


Welcome to Little Raven: an unsullied, beautiful woodland hamlet in the heart of the Midwest. The sort of place where furry creatures romp about and spend their days bursting into song.

Actually, that’s a giant pack of lies.
Little Raven is a town…for witches.

And some of those witches might have bent the rules. A teensy bit. When six magical miscreants dabble with black magic, they end up together at Incantations, the town’s rehab center for witches gone awry. It’s a slap on the wrist for naughty witches. Pretty much a daycare center so they don’t wander off and start turning people into newts on a whim. Each witch must work through her addiction to black magic, and follow the tenets designed to lead them back to the path of the straight and narrow, as boring as that sounds. Even if following the tenets sucks worse than a group round of kum-bay-ya. Which sucks. Horribly.

We will admit we are powerless over magic—that our lives have become unmanageable.
We will make a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of the Goddess as we understand Her.
We will make a searching and fearless moral and magical inventory of ourselves.
We will admit to the Goddess, to ourselves, and to another being the exact nature of our magical wrongs.
We will make a list of all persons or beings we have harmed, and become willing to make amends to them all.
We will make direct amends to such beings whenever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.
We are entirely ready to bow before the Goddess and have Her remove all our defect of character, even at the risk of being entirely stripped of our magic.

But this is just the start. There’s something rotten in Little Raven, something that seeks to take all the magic it can, and devour the inhabitants in the process. It will take the strength and power of all the witches to defeat the darkness seeping into their town, beat it back, and be rid of it forever…and maybe just make it through rehab while they’re saving the world.

The Authors & Titles

Tara S. Wood - A Trunk Full of Peril
Tyffani Clark Kemp - A Diary Full of Names
Cynthia Valero - A Cauldron Full of Goodbyes
Miranda Stork - A Closet Full of Demons
J. A. Howell - A Basement Full of Secrets
Elle J Rossi - A Suitcase Full of Revenge

And here is Tara S. Wood's Top 5 Favorite Things 

Hmmm…this is a hard one.

1. Books. Of course. I am a reader and a writer. I love all types of books. Fiction. Non-fiction, biographies…the whole kit and kaboodle. There’s something magical that happens between the pages of a book, and it’s a feeling I’ve never quite gotten over. And all kinds, too. Print, ebook, audio. Just bring me a book. And a nice cup of tea.

2. Anything British. I am an unashamed Anglophile. There is a tiny Union Jack flying in my heart at all times. Visiting the UK is on my bucket list, and I’m fairly certain that if I was given the opportunity to emigrate, I would take it.

3. Cooking. I love to cook. I love to feed people. It is a tangible expression of love. And if you leave my house hungry, it’s your own fault.

4. My circle of writing friends. It’s taken a bit to cultivate them (if I could grow them in a greenhouse, I would), but I’ve managed to garner the love and support of a fair few talented people who are simply wonderful. A few of them have even burrowed so far into my heart they’ve become family. Literary brothers and sisters who make this journey worthwhile. They are truly amazing.

5. The untold story. Not a thing, per se, but a concept. One that keeps me going. This fevered little brain of mine is constantly dreaming up tales. I have a to-be-written list that rivals U.S. tax law, both in its length and complexity. My estimate is that I will be finished with writing all of them twelve years after I’m dead.

About the author:
Tara Wood divides her time between creating domestic bliss and creating hot paranormal romance with the occasional side of kink. When not playing June Cleaver for her hubby and daughter, she can be found at the local Starbucks slamming back Frappuccinos and plotting out her next idea. Or she’s watching the BBC. 

Tara resides with her wonderful and tolerant family in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. She is currently at work on several projects, one of them being the next book in her In Blood series.

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