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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Taking Chances by Amy O'Neill


What happens when the 'one that got away' wants you back? Dane walked away from Myra four years ago, thinking he wasn't the man she needed. But time has only proven one thing - she's the woman he needs. Myra has moved on with life and healed the hurt Dane's leaving caused, but one look at him and those feelings come back. Can she trust him with her heart again or will he take it and run?

Dane Gunther walked away from Myra four years ago. She was a single mom with a son and being together meant taking her away from her family to follow his career 2,000 miles away. Back then he didn't think it was fair to take them away from everyone they knew and he wasn't sure he had what it took to me the man they needed. 

Myra Patterson was devastated when Dane left without the decency of a reason. She's moved on with life and has been able to push him into the 'friend zone'. That's easier said than done when suddenly he isn't just an old friend online. When the real thing is in front of her, buried feelings come screaming back. Falling for Dane isn't an option, she knows it will only lead to heartbreak when he leaves again. But his charm and the ways he ignites old feelings makes it harder to resist. 

Dane has to win Myra back even if it's the last thing he does. While trying to help with the family business and deal with a strained relationship with his mother, Dane's real focus is proving to Myra he is the man she needs. But even if he gets his chance, will Moira believe in him long enough to open her heart again? 

About the author:
Amy O’Neill lives in Southeast Michigan with her son and two rambunctious dogs. She has been writing for over 20 years, but never had the courage to put her work out there until she completed FINDING HOME. Now, Amy has over a dozen more books that she is working on and will be publishing several a year. 

In addition to writing romance, Amy works full time as a receptionist for Corporate America, but dreams of the day when writing is her career. She enjoys being a girly girl and watching her son grow into a man.

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