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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Guest Post The Scent Of Power (Isabella (Izzy) Tulley & Aiden Black #2) by Eri Nelson


Isabella (Izzy) Tulley and Aiden Black Series are a collection of adult books that take dark desires on a modern day mythology ride. 

Eri Nelson once again shows that Izzy is pulled between the mortal world she knows and the Realm Of The Gods which represent the secrets as well as lies of those who dare to be her own blood. Amid guilty pleasures, looming powers, deceitful tales, walking dead attacks, along with the occasional bite to the neck Izzy manages to run and fight for her life in the only way she is learning how…one step away from insanity.

The author shows that she truly enjoys the shadowy sides of writing in this Isabella (Izzy) Tulley & Aiden Black Sequel. Taking readers faster and farther into hidden realms. Where life and death pursuits push heated lust to all new heights. 

As an author, Eri Nelson enjoys rapid action driven hastily along in a quest for fantasy gone awry. With each new look into this series it is our author’s hope to take readers by surprise and leave them wanting for more.


I have been asked to blog on the perfect pace for an urban fantasy. However, being an unorthodox type of author this may not be the best question to have me answer (she giggles wickedly). 

Writing for most of us is an impulse that shutters openly when subjected to stimuli. Many of that most ware pencils in our hair just to keep it out of our eyes as our stimuli kicks in. Whether it is imagery, audiology, seasoning, or just our favorite pair of PJs pushing our desires to enrich the word, we all approach pace in a different manner. Possibly the majority of us even see pacing different as well. 

Personally, I like fast-paced reads that carry a reader from one action pack ride to the next. 

I would like to thank my host for this time here among you all. 
Best Wishes, Eri Nelson
Book #1
From the unorthodox author Eri Nelson comes a first look into a modern day mythology twist of the Isabella (Izzy) Tulley & Aiden Black Series. This adult-action-packed-interweaving tale catches the initial sparks of a fire that will not stop until it entices your desire to read more.

Izzy’s world is apparently not what it seems and neither is she. Although this now adult orphan is attempting to grasp at all the flying madness whizzing her way.

From electrically charged meetings of the first sight kind to the levitating heartbeats, Izzy takes it all in stride. However, even a girl of her kind is allowed to totally kick the crap of love’s possible interest. Not to mention grab him by the shirt tail while dashing through the walls ending in another time and back again.

About the author:
Eri Nelson born Erica Walcott is a Indie Author and the youngest of three in a family of five. Erica became Eri (airy) from her mother who called her that for as long as she could remember. The short take on her name took on a more solid base with the love of her life and husband, Jeff Nelson.

Together they have been for the past twenty years. Within that time they were able to raise one daughter and endless amount of pets.

Eri Nelson is a nontraditional indie author who manages all areas of her fiction, fantasy, paranormal, action, adventure and sometimes-erotic writing. Eri handles all the groundwork of her books, even the editing. Because of this Eri strives to improve her abilities along with trying to explain to readers her far from traditional sentence structures. However, she will openly admit that typos follow her.

Writing is a passion for her and an abundance of never ending joy. Only one thing tops that for Eri... and that is when a reader enjoys the read..

Join Eri and her shadowy side of writing as she takes you along to explore new desire hunger filled worlds where your mind can share in the heat of the read.

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