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Monday, October 30, 2017

What's there to fear if you're already dead? The Ghost Chronicles 2 by Marlo Berliner

**If you love ghost stories and the paranormal, then THE GHOST CHRONICLES series is the perfect new read for you!**
**If you love ghost stories and the paranormal, then THE GHOST CHRONICLES series is the perfect new read for you!**


Published: October 17th 2017 

What's there to fear if you're already dead?


Michael and Sarah now know for certain, there is a destination after death.

They also know they better find their way out of the afterlife fast, before the devil claims Michael's soul.

What they don't know?

Before they can get to heaven...

they may just have to go through hell.

*Inspired by the legend of a haunting at the famous Angel of the Sea bed and breakfast in Cape May, NJ*


1. You write different genres. What are for you the most challenging aspects when you “jump” from a genre to another? 
For me the biggest challenge is staying in the correct mood for the genre of the book I’m writing. I usually try to achieve this by starting my writing day listening to music appropriate to the genre I’m writing in. 

2. And what are the most difficult aspects to solve when writing paranormal stories? Especially the ones with ghosts…
I think the most challenging aspect has been to establish ‘rules’ for the physical elements of being a ghost that are both consistent and believable. I hope I’ve achieved both. 

3. Why did you choose the topic of this series: ghosts and the love that transcends death? 
As a young girl I read every book I could get my hands on that dealt with ghosts, ESP, aliens, pyramid power, you name it. I think I’ve just always been fascinated by all the mysteries out there that we haven’t solved yet. And I’ve always said I wanted THE GHOST CHRONICLES series to be a story of great hope for anyone that has lost someone tragically, particularly someone young. And what greater hope is there, than the possibility that love may transcend death and two ghosts might get that second chance in the afterlife? 

4. The Ghost Chronicles already won several awards… Which (and why) is more important for you: the fans’ appreciation or one of the critics? 
Definitely, the appreciation of the fans. While the critical validation has certainly been appreciated, nothing makes me happier than receiving a message or email from a fan who says they loved the first book and when will I have the second out. 

5. And… because it’s Halloween time… what happens with (your) ghosts during Halloween and what symbolizes this celebration for you as a person and as a writer?
 In my books during Halloween, the ghosts come out to play, as they say. They congregate is certain hot spots around the globe to celebrate that it’s ‘their’ special day. For this reason, Halloween is big in my house. I dress up to give out candy and trick-or-treat, and this year even our new puppy will be dressed as an Ewok J 

6. From your point of view what should a story offer to its readers? 
A story should offer readers an emotional experience that brings all the feels and sticks with them long after they put the book down, and a story that makes them think. 

7. You are a member of many associations (as SCBWI, RWA, NJ-RWA, YA-RWA, TeenLitAuthors, and WritingGIAM) – and I’m curious what an active member does and how this membership have helped you or your career? 
I attend as many meetings and conferences as time allows so I’m always learning, but most importantly I network with the other writers and published authors, which is absolutely essential in my opinion, for a successful writing career.
About the author:
Marlo Berliner is the award-winning author of THE GHOST CHRONICLES, her debut book which was released in November 2015 to critical acclaim. Marlo writes young adult, women’s fiction, and short stories. Marlo is represented by Eric Ruben of The Ruben Agency. 

When she's not writing or editing, Marlo loves reading, relaxing at the beach, watching movies, and rooting for the Penn State Nittany Lions. After having spent some wonderful time in Pittsburgh and Houston, she’s now back in her home state of New Jersey where she resides with her husband, two sons, and a rambunctious puppy named Max. 

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Kate Sarsfield said...

I've just spent the last hour soaking up info. on Miss Brown, the ghost of The Angel of The Sea & other hauntings in the area.

Marlo Berliner said...

It's a treasure trove of interesting stuff, isn't it?! I fell down that rabbit hole myself and ended up with a novel :)

One Woman Juggler Dawn said...

The Ghost Chronicles looks amazing. I will have to go back and read #1 and #2!!!!

CindyWindy2003 said...

This sounds really good, dead doesn't mean trouble ends.