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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

living on the fringe - Wild (City of Light #2) by Sherry Rossman

"I love dystopian stories and really liked Wake. It is the first in a series so now I have to patiently wait until the next book comes out. Make sure you get this book today, you won’t be disappointed." - Jessica, Goodreads


Published: June 2017

“Do you still love me as you did?”
His arms come around me, pulling me against him, and I see it on the horizon before us—the world—what will it do to us?

After escaping Titus, Monet and Luke join the rebels living on the fringe. The Colony is a haven for the artists and God-seekers who survived The Chasm, but as Monet soon discovers, freedom across the boundaries is interwoven with darkness. The wounds from their city run deep, bringing Monet and Luke to question their bond. When a cataclysmic event threatens their existence, they must step into the unknown with an old enemy, and work together to survive.

How is Wild different from other books?

Thank you for having me on your blog today! I appreciate the chance to talk about Wild (fresh from the cliffhanger of its predecessor, Wake) because readers may wonder why it’s not fashioned after the current industry standard of, well…a few things. How? Let me list the ways.

1. This question from a few friends and acquaintances, “Christian fantasy fiction? Is that a thing?
You bet your talking donkey (Numbers: 21-41), disembodied hand (Daniel 5), and parting of the Red Sea (Exodus) it’s a thing. And more if you feel like researching.

2. I’ve taken Wild (Book 2) and Wake (Book 1) to writers conferences, had them professionally critiqued; had authors, editors and readers test them out—sometimes the whole thing, sometimes bits—and I received some interesting feedback—this one mostly from industry peeps rather than readers. “Good imagery, good story, but… the first page doesn’t tell me enough.”

Exactly. Must we insist on instant gratification? I want readers to experience the journey as the characters do, because that’s more true-to-life, is it not? I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually wake up in the morning when faced with a harrowing journey (take that as metaphorically as you like) knowing enough. If we did, our life experience would be rather predictable, yes? Info dumping makes a story cozy, but I want readers to journey with Luke and Monet into the Wild as they do.

3. This might be my favorite of them all. “But you’re writing under the publishing imprint Darwin House Press, and you’re a Christian who mentions science in your books…isn’t that a contradiction?”

To which I say, “Consider reading more, because you’re not going to hear this discussed on the evening news.”

So Wild is for the adventurers, those who bring honest questions no matter how gritty, and for those who don’t mind a few broken rules. Enjoy!

About the author:
I started writing after I realized putting my Back-Up Plan first was a bad idea. Advice for dreamers: go for your Dream first, but don’t make a Back-Up Plan, just be open to a bill-paying job that you like while pursuing your dream. And then, chase that dream with everything that’s in you.

I have short stories published in online publications such as, The Wordsmith Journal Magazine and The Relevant Christian Magazine. The Water Man earned a spot in Mythic Orbits 2016: Best Speculative Fiction by Christian Authors. I added that for those who want to know whether or not I’m a serious writer. I am. But what’s most important is that I love to bring readers stories that are more than just formulas. I offer you splattered canvases.

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