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Monday, August 21, 2017

a journey to the Afterlife- Reunited (Reawakened #3) by Colleen Houck

"Reunited is exciting, emotional, heart-pounding and incredible. [...] Story, plot and characters were amazing. I loved it. The last couple of chapters were so emotional and gripping to the last sentence. I think everyone at the end got their happy ending and though there were some deaths that were sad, in the end everyone found peace and happiness that made me happy. It is sad to see this Egyptian adventure end but it was great and I look forward to re-reading it again."- Nikita, Goodreads


Published: August 7th, 2017

After surviving her otherworldly adventure, Lily wakes up on her nana’s farm having forgotten everything. Her sun prince, her travels to Egypt, and her journey to the Afterlife are all distant memories.

But Lily is not the girl she once was. Her body is now part human, part lion, and part fairy. And if that isn’t bad enough, she must now harness this power of three and become Wasret: a goddess destined to defeat the evil god Seth once and for all.

With the help of her old friend Dr. Hassan, Lily departs on her final voyage through the cosmos and across the plains of Egypt. On the journey, she will transform into the being she is destined to become.

Reunited is the heart-pounding conclusion to the Reawakened series. 

It is time for Lily to find her sunset.

"[A] must-read for thrill-seekers and fans of alternate worlds."—RT Book Reviews

"Rick Riordan fans who are looking for another series will delight in this fantasy."—SLJ

"Littered with Egyptian mythology and snappy dialogue, this romantic adventure is a good choice for graduates of Rick Riordan or fans of Houck’s Tiger’s Curse series."—Booklist

"Wonderfully written and…the heart-pounding adventures are topped only by the heart-melting romance."—The Deseret News

About the author:
New York Times Bestselling author Colleen Houck is a lifelong reader whose literary interests include action, adventure, paranormal, science fiction, and romance. When she’s not busy writing, she likes to spend time chatting on the phone with one of her six siblings, watching plays, and shopping online. Colleen has lived in Arizona, Idaho, Utah, California, and North Carolina and is now permanently settled in Salem, Oregon with her husband and a huge assortment of plush tigers.

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