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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

delving deeply into the past - Grave Injustice (Cold Case Files #3) by Netta Newbound

"This is one of those authors you just cannot read enough of. Her books have only what you want in them- action, great characters, wonderful writing, a fabulous mystery or two, and did I say action?! I really like Geri and her man James and the rest of her crew. This is kind of a continuation of the last book, but you could definitely read it as a standalone. Though honestly, why wouldn't you want to read the other books in this series, as they are all 5 star books (IMHO)." - Mary, Goodreads


Published: August 15th, 2017

Geri and James return in their most explosive adventure to date.

When next door neighbour, Lydia, gives birth to her second healthy baby boy, James and Geri pray their friend can finally be happy and at peace. But, little do they know Lydia’s troubles are far from over.

Meanwhile, Geri is researching several historic, unsolved murders for James' new book. She discovers one of the prime suspects now resides in Spring Pines Retirement Village, the scene of not one, but two recent killings.

Although the police reject the theory, Geri is convinced the cold case they’re researching is linked to the recent murders. But how? Will she regret delving so deeply into the past? 


1. Why do you write Psychological thrillers and what constitutes a must in your stories? 
I love making ordinary people react in extraordinary ways. Depending on the situation, none of us really know how we’d react in a crisis. I also like to show the other side of a killer. They’re not all hoodie wearing weirdos hanging about in the shadows.

2. Solving “Cold cases” is based, usually, on new evidence or old aspects missed by the first teams of investigators. What are the challenges when writing such story?
In this case, Geri is supposed to be compiling information for James new book – they’re not really meant to be out to make a mockery of the initial investigation but a combination of Geri’s nosy nature and easy-going personality helps her get closer than any cop could.

3. Geri researches unsolved murders for the James’ new book. What research are you doing for your books and why such research is needed it?
I’m continually doing research, be it geographical, historical or technical. It’s important to get any facts right. I recently had a reader contact me about a scene in one of my books and she told me she drives that route all the time and she was thrilled to read about it in such detail. She didn’t have a clue I’d never actually been there.

4. First person, third person, alternative POV etc: how do you write your stories and why?
I often write in multiple POV, preferring most of the time to use first person in the POV of the killer as I think you can get a deeper understanding of what makes them tick.

5. Solving cold cases implies remembering the past. What is your approach to intertwining the past with the characters’ present?
In their private lives, the main characters each have a lot of baggage, especially with this being the third book in the series. Most of the past storyline is essential to the story so I need to weave it into dialogue wherever possible. I try to avoid huge info dumps.

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About the author:
Netta Newbound is the author of twelve popular thriller novels/novellas to date including the Adam Stanley Thriller Series and the Cold Case Files. Her debut psychological thriller, An Impossible Dilemma, shot up the charts in 2015 in both the UK and US reaching #1 in several thriller and horror categories. This rapid success gained Netta a name for herself in the thriller genre. The Watcher, another of her bestsellers that reached the top 20 in the Amazon chart, was published through Bloodhound Books, who will also publish her next book, Maggie, in October 2017.

Originally from Manchester, England, Netta has travelled extensively and has lived and worked in a variety of exciting places. She now lives in New Zealand with her husband. They have three grown up children and four grandchildren.

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