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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

What if... Adventures of Death, Reincarnation and Annihilation by Francis H. Powell

What if the human race was considered irrelevant and then each being was just uploaded then locked away on hard drives called "brain pods"?


Published: December 13th, 2019

What if the human race was considered irrelevant and then each being was just uploaded then locked away on hard drives called "brain pods"?

What if a sub species was to come into fruition, then the human race turned on it, hunted it down before trying to annihilate it? Imagine you found out you were an ancient soul, who is reunited with another being from your former life?

Set in different times in a variety of settings and time periods, the past, the present and the future, the book explores the inevitable unknown that lies before us all "death". Death can arrive in a multitude of forms. Each part of the book explores different themes. There are characters who following their demises have to face up to their lurid pasts. There are some who face annihilation and others who are in a crazy pursuit of world destruction. We are living in an age in which it appears that the doomsday clock is ticking ever faster, as we teeter over the edge of world destruction. The book aims to contain some ironic twists. Even as young children we build up nightmare visions of what death involves. The reader is often left to distinguish between what is real and what is not, as stories reside within stories and the storytellers can never be fully trusted. Not all the book is doom and gloom, there are Elsa Grun's bizarre encounters with men and Shellys' hapless husband Arnie.

From secluded beach houses to obscure motels, to visions of heaven, which takes the form of the Hotel Paradiso, to the world of the future death is always a wild adventure.



It is 2096 and I am wandering ceaselessly on an endless journey. There is a world that is open to me, but I am last of the line, trapped in my own solitude, in this vast wilderness.  I am an Idris, some might describe me as a beast, others a secondary  lower echelon of the human race. My type were originally contrived in a laboratory, by scientists, my genes contain those of human genes as well as animal DNA. My species, of “hybrids” were genetically modified and designed for specific functions.  We are a species enriched with speed and agility, both our thighs and arms sinewy, our frames tall and overbearing.  We also have great stamina and could travel long distances swiftly. One observer said we “could outrun a thoroughbred stallion and still have energy in surplus.”  We also have great faculties of vision.
                 We were initially created as a slave species, to go to war on behalf of humans, the ultimate killing machines. Once trained, our type were sold for huge profits, as if we were some new kind of military hardware, our physical attributes far superior to those of humans. One scientist commented “This creature will help to end our wars” adding proudly “it will fight our wars for us.”
               After a time, we were deemed useful for other purposes. A smaller version, was created and we began to be used as a kind of sophisticated pet. We were “the must have” accessory in any rich household.  Female versions were later created, much smaller and softer in appearance, with large doe eyes, long flowing silky hair and the gentle feline movements. With this advancement, we were able to breed, amongst ourselves. We progressed as a species at a much faster rate than scientists anticipated, we surpassed all expectations. Our mental faculties grew rapidly. We were still essentially constantly monitored, initially incarcerated like animals in zoos, but as time passed, increasingly we integrated, and began to spread. Idris ghettos grew in all parts of the developed world.
                We developed our own language, which most humans could not follow. We even began to acquire our own hierarchy.  Progressively we followed human traits. One Idris complained “humans dominate and abuse us but we progressively want to be like them.” I was of “noble” birth, and in my youth I was arrogant.  My father and mother taught prudence, but I carried on with my lofty attitude, my recklessness.  I even dared to infuriate humans.
                  The  relationship between  humans and their creation the Idris, changed one fateful day, when I was still young.  An Idris fighter, inexplicably turned his weapon on his human commander, slaying him.  This rogue Idris, spread a panic wave among humans.  The alleged perpetrating  Idris was found and  systematically executed as an example, but the furor continued long after.  There were those among the Idris, who claimed, the Idris fighter had been the victim of torture and abuse, purely for the sadistic pleasure of human soldiers,  well outside  the limits of military regulations and protocol.  He had taken more than he could. 
                   Others said there had been no such shooting. This was a plot fabricated by certain members of the military, to find a way to discredit and then oust the Idris from the ranks of the military.  They believed wars should be fought with real soldiers, not fabricated mercenaries.
                   Scientists put this action down to the “one off action of an individual Idris.
“A singular faulty part in an otherwise prefect batch.”  Such words were not sufficient enough  to convince the human population.  The trust that had existed, had been broken. 
                      Some lamented, “the Idris are becoming  dangerously  independent, they are developing  self-will, they will all turn on their creators.”  One man coined an expression  “The Idris are simply growing too tall”
                   Humans on the other hand had grown too comfortable, some said apathetic. There was the Idris, to do their menial work. Factories were full of Idris workers, even offices had Idris workers doing some carefully designated bureaucratic tasks. Some said humans were even letting loose the shackles of slavery and some Idris such as my father were even profiting from their endeavors.
                The Idris helped ran the infra structure, while humans wasted away their lives with leisure pursuits.  The societies among humans crafted over centuries, were breaking down, as people lost their work ethic and just slipped into a hedonistic whirl of slothfulness.
                 Some scandalous reports said male humans were even sharing their beds with Idris.  There was an outcry of “bestiality” that the human race had reached its lowest level of depravity. Some said disease would result. Others warned if a human/Idris birth resulted, it would be an abomination.  Some claimed they’d seen  abandoned undersized Idris humanoids, all horribly deformed and disabled, a far cry from the perfectly  formed, prototyped  “hybrid” predecessors.   Some inferred these were the sordid result of liaisons between Idris and humans.

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About the author:
Born in 1961, in Reading, England Francis H Powell attended Art Schools, receiving a degree in painting and an MA in printmaking. In 1995, Powell moved to Austria, teaching English as a foreign language while pursuing his varied artistic interests adding music and writing. He currently lives in Brittany, France writing both prose and poetry. Powell has published short stories in the magazine, “Rat Mort” and other works on the internet site "Multi-dimensions." His two published books are Flight of Destiny and Adventures of Death, Reincarnation and Annihilation

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There are some very interesting ideas here. I think I'd like this book.

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The title and subject matter are intriguing. The book cover is cool.

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Sounds really awesome! I Think I'd like to read this. Thank you for the opportunity to win

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I read the excerpt which piqued my interest in the book. It does sound like an interesting read. Best wishes on the new release.

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After death things just start getting interesting, I see.

Powellfrancis video experience said...

Thanks for your comments, thanks for reading the exert, my book is not all doom and gloom, it is also in parts funny and quirky

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