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Thursday, February 13, 2020

a wish made during a full moon... Western Wishes by Susan Horsnell

How could any man possibly be interested in her when she considers herself too tall, too plain and not curvy enough? Ahead of curls which refuse to be tamed also don’t help.


Published: February 2nd, 2020

Abigail Miller helps run her mother’s diner in the town of Hopeful, Colorado. 

How could any man possibly be interested in her when she considers herself too tall, too plain and not curvy enough? Ahead of curls which refuse to be tamed also don’t help.

Working from sun up to sundown, with the exception of Sunday mornings off to attend church, doesn’t leave much time for courting, so she is resigned to her fate of being left a spinster. 

Will a wish made at the town well during a full moon ever be answered? 

Max Long is the eldest son of a well-respected ranching family. His sister is Abigail’s best friend and also a friend to both him and his brother. He’d never thought of the tall, beautiful lady in that way. 

Overhearing a conversation, he wonders if his feelings for Abigail could run deeper than mere friendship? 

How will Max react when Abigail’s life is in danger? 
Can the wishing well work its magic and bring her home safely? 
Will a wish made at the town well during a full moon ever be answered?

My name is Susan Horsnell and my latest release is Western Wishes, a Sweet Western Romance set around a wishing well.

I would like to talk about how I keep my writing a little different…

Writing for me is a passion, it will never be something I have to do. I don’t set deadlines or word counts. I write from the heart and my stories are as many words as they need to be. Once twice edited and proof read, and polished to be the best I can make it, I publish my story.

I write from experience which is why I have different sub-genres of romance. My Australian books include description of places I have lived or spent time visiting. The Flying Doctor Series comes from spending hours bugging the poor service to death and visiting numerous centres around the country. My books about blindness, one on a Vietnam Vet and medical incidents, come from my varied nursing experiences.

My experiences are varied as I am married to a Senior Naval Officer, we have been posted all over Australia and spent 3 ½ years posted in Papua New Guinea (future stories including Witch Doctor Practice and Voodoo witnessed firsthand.) We have had the fortune to travel extensively in Texas which is where most of my westerns are set.

I am now retired after 37 years of Nursing, hubby is semi-retired. We moved to our home in a small rural village of 300 people in the mountains of sunny Queensland Australia just on 10 years ago. I love the peace and quiet and clean air.

For those aspiring writers – follow your heart, don’t let anyone stomp on your dreams and don’t be afraid to reach out for help and advice. I wish you every success.

Thank you for allowing me to be here and I hope you enjoy my book.


My eyes were drawn to the sway of her shapely hips as Abigail stomped off to the kitchen. I wondered what I’d said to upset her; there was no doubt that I had. I’d known the woman long enough to know when she was unhappy about something. The change in her eyes when I’d mentioned Mildred had been noticeable – at least to me. Anger and jealousy had both clouded her gorgeous amber orbs. But why?

Abigail and I had known each other since she’d started school, her and Rowan had become instant friends and spent most of their free time together. The two girls had been stuck to each other like bees to molasses and were always under my feet out at the ranch. It saddened me to watch as their friendship became distanced through no fault of their own.

Since Abigail’s father had died, her visits to the ranch had come to a stop. Every waking hour seemed to be spent helping her mother in the diner and she was left with no time for social activities. I understood the fact she was needed by her mother, but it saddened me just the same. A young woman as beautiful as Abigail should have been out enjoying herself, stepping out with a beau. Heck, she should have been hitched with little ones by now as I’d told her.

Why did the thought of Abigail being with a man send bolts of jealousy raging through me? I had no interest in anything other than friendship with her. Or did I? I swear the woman tied my thinking in knots.

Saturday nights, when I had supper at the diner and at church on Sundays were the only times we managed to speak a few words to each other and I hated the thought I might have upset her. I resolved to take her aside at church the following day and find out what it was I’d said wrong. 

About the author:
I live in sunny Queensland, Australia and retired after 37 years of Nursing.
My husband of 45 years, together with our elderly Jack Russell Terrier and extremely opinionated 26-year-old Cockatiel, enjoy exploring the country.
When we are at home, we spend our time renovating our home.
I write a variety of stories including Western Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Male/Male, Menage and Shapeshifter.
Each book has a strong focus on storyline with romantic interest building throughout.
I explore real-life issues from kids on the streets to motorcycle war and put my own twist on each one.

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Sounds like an excellent read! Looks like it would be hard to put down. Nothing better than a Western adventure