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Friday, February 7, 2020

finding love in today’s world... Loving a Young Series by Stacy Eaton

"[I] didn’t want to put the book down. It was funny, warm, wonderful, romantic and a great story line. Can I give it more than 5 stars? I have always enjoyed the author’s books and have read many of them but on the romantic genre this was her best." Barbara, Goodreads (#2)


Wesley (#1) 

Traumatized by events of her past, Charlotte Bennett is not a fan of strangers. When she sees a man touching her daughter at the park, she reacts without listening. It’s only later when her daughter is rushed to the hospital that she realizes how wrong she had been.

Doctor Wesley Young only wanted to help the tender-aged girl he witnessed fall, but when her mother attacks him at the park, he’s left stunned. When the little girl arrives later in the emergency department, he comes face to face with the mother makes more of an impression on him than the cut she left on his face.

Things heat up quick when Marisol is no longer his patient, but when things from the past are revealed, Wes isn’t sure that Charlotte is the woman for him. Can Charlotte find a way to explain it all so that Wes will accept both her and her daughter before it’s too late? 

Henley (#2) 

Being a wedding planner is hard, especially when someone is always trying to steal your business, and your family doesn’t support you. However, Roxanne Novak is determined to keep her business afloat. When Roxy’s in a car accident hurrying to meet a potential bride, she’s injured and scared, but paramedic Henley Young takes good care of her.

Henley loves his job and thrives on the adrenaline of helping people in need. Maybe that’s why when he meets Roxy, he’s inclined to help her with more than just medical care. Hooking her up with his older brother Wesley and his bride-to-be could be just what she needs. It might also be the start of something between the Lee and the spunky little wedding planner.

When a position at a country club is offered to Roxy, she finds herself rethinking her entire business plan. Excited to start someplace new, Roxy and Henley begin making plans for the future. Just after she starts her new job, Roxy learns of Lee’s past relationship, and everything she knew about him is questioned.

Can Roxy and Henley put the past to bed and move forward to something that might be more than what both of them had ever hoped for? 

The Loving A Young Series is about a family of six siblings finding love in today’s world. Wesley, Book 1 and Henley, Book 2 will soon be joined with Huntley, Riley, Bradley and Kayley. 

About the author: 
Stacy Eaton is a USA Today Bestselling author and began her writing career in October of 2010. Stacy took early retirement from law enforcement after over fifteen years of service in 2016 due to a second serious concussion. Her last three years on the job were in investigations and crime scene investigation. She now writes full-time. 

Stacy resides in southeastern Pennsylvania with her husband, who works in law enforcement, and her teen daughter. Stacy also has a son who is currently serving in the United States Navy. She is also very involved in Domestic Violence Awareness and served on the Board of Directors for her local Domestic Violence Center for three years. 

Stacy writes a variety of genres, but mostly romance. She enjoys writing real-life stories that people can relate too with real-life problems, emotions, and solutions. 

Her favorites: Classic cars, photography, Disney, music, coffee and her favorite sweatshirt that says, "You are dangerously close to getting killed in my next novel." 

Visit Stacy's website for more information on her and her books. 

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lildevilgirl22 said...

what romantic covers

Heather B said...

I have always wondered about the process of choosing "models" for covers!

Jayne Townsley said...

I really like the covers but especially the Wesley one.

rosannepm said...

You can tell they are in love by the cover Rosanne rosans4comcast(dot)net

abfantom said...

I like the covers. They are all very cute.

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tatertot374 said...

I like the cover. I really draws me in! Thank you

SexyBrat said...

I think the covers are cliche'.

Anonymous said...

What awesome covers! They all attract one's attention. Thank you for the opportunity to win

EclecticZebra said...

Good, true to life covers, I like them.

Ginger Hafer said...

Typical covers for a romance novel.

susansmoaks said...

i like this cover. i would like to read this.

Darby Elizabeth said...

"Henley" is my fav!

kristy w said...

The cover art looks sweet.

Sand said...

Looks like a great cover.