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Monday, February 10, 2020

REVIEW - His Last Ride by Marcie Shumway

Cody - She was my childhood friend. The one person outside of my family that I could always count on.
Payton - He was my childhood friend. The one who always accepted me for me.


His Last Ride is a sweet, quick, easy flowing and catching story.

Its sweetness comes from the "innocence" of the main characters, especially his, and from how the theme of childhood friends romance is handled. He's an open, serious guy ready to work hard for what he wants. Made of book-boyfriend material, he will attract many admirers and not only for his look. He is a translation of the everlasting fascination for cowboys in the real world.

The plot is straightforward but pleasant to read. The climax is prepared from the first pages and therefore acceptable. Still, I've expected o more trustful reaction from her... or more arguments for it. 

Marcie's style allows no dead moments. Her words are of a friend who is happy to share with you this story that has happened, making you wish and hope to a happy ending.

425 Madison Ave is known as the perfect place to fall in love... this time is the place of falling in love again. 

His last ride is just their beginning.


Release Date: February 10th, 2020

She was my childhood friend. The one person outside of my family that I could always count on.
Fate drew us apart, but when my life was turned upside down, it brought us back together.
And, much like when we were kids, she made it right again.

Payton had a way of soothing more than just the wounds that were skin deep.
There’s one small problem, I’m not sure that I want to be just her friend anymore.

He was my childhood friend. The one who always accepted me for me.

For years, I didn’t realize my life was missing anything and, then Cody came back into it.
Just like when we were kids, he brought all the pieces back together. He made me feel things
I didn’t know I could feel. How can I be his friend when I want so much more?
I won’t be his buckle bunny.

Adjusting to very different lives, Cody and Payton need to decide if what is between them is worth fighting for. From small towns to the big city, they’re not the same people they once were.

Can a childhood friendship become so much more?
Only time will tell.
After all, 425 Madison is the perfect place to fall in love!

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 About the author:
Marcie Shumway is a small-town girl, born and raised in Maine. She resides with her high school sweetheart on a family-owned farm just miles from where she grew up. Her hubby and their four furbabies are her first loves, but they are followed closely by her writing, apple pie, and chocolate.

Marcie started writing short stories in middle school for her classmates to enjoy. They were always love stories with happy endings and spurred her dream of being a published author. Chasing that dream as an adult, she continues to write stories for her readers to love. An avid reader herself, Marcie thrives on the books of her favorite authors and when not writing, can be found curled up in her favorite spot with a good book in hand.

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