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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

An outstanding page-turner - The Legacy #1 by Brandyn Cross

Denied the ability to interact with other kids in his everyday life, Brandy finds refuge within the confines of the Internet in his early stages, where it appealed primarily to the outcasts, and a close group of virtual teen friends.


Release Date: February 18th, 2020

Brandyn (Brandy) Harris, a lonely, abused, and terminally ill twelve-year-old boy builds his private virtual world outside the knowledge of his strict and abusive parents. Denied the ability to interact with other kids in his everyday life, Brandy finds refuge within the confines of the Internet in his early stages, where it appealed primarily to the outcasts, and a close group of virtual teen friends.

The Legacy offers a unique, unparalleled glimpse into the mind of abused children while this abuse is taking place amid the hysteria surrounding the Satanic Ritual Abuse Panic of the early 1990s. An outstanding page-turner, it gives you an unprecedented, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience, through first-hand, day-to-day accounts as they occur, a real-world of childhood desperation and painful secrets, a world-known by millions of children, but never openly shared with adults.

You'll feel Brandy's feelings, cry his tears and laugh with him on the good days as you'll journey through the candid and honest secrets of an abusive childhood, as Brandy's correspondences are written by kids, for kids. Thus, you'll learn the truths kids only tell their friends, outside the inherent inhibitions derived from adult interference.

This book is the first volume in an epic book series based on real events and the writings and correspondences of a terminally ill young boy who is also enduring a life of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

10 Things Readers Would Be Surprised To Know About You

1) I'm 'high functioning' autistic, something which I did not disclose publicly until somewhat recently.

2) I'm officially classified as 100%, permanently physically disabled, the result of a train accident. After this accident, I became a chart-topping country music singer, which just seems strangely ironic, when you think about it.

3) I've attended college in four separate and distinct disciplines: I studied Law, Biology, Quantum Physics & Filmmaking. Weird, but fun, which is why I did it. Needless to say, there is a lot of very nerdy science discussion and debate behind the scenes on my film sets. My makeup artist's day job on The Legacy film was actually a physics professor, and Chris Garcia, the young boy playing the character of Brandy in the film was also a science nut. We had a lot of fun nerding out on that film.

4) I'm the only freshman to earn a Legislative internship in Washington, which I was awarded as a college freshman while studying law.

5) I achieved the highest score ever recorded on the General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB).

6) I have seven kids.

7) One of my greatest examples and mentors was my grandmother, who was a recording artist and vaudeville performer. In fact, she actually masqueraded as a man to work in vaudeville orchestra pits because they wouldn't hire women. In the 1940s, she became one of the first female TV producers. There's a lot of talent in my family, with gifted musicians, and even artists.

8) I guess I got some of those genes, as I'm actually a fairly decent sketch artist, although it's not a priority for me. But I have a daughter who is a very talented artist, and another who is a fashion designer.

9) I don't know how standard this is, but I tend to be something of a 'method' writer. I don't recommend this at all to other writers, but I've done some pretty stupid things in order to get inside my characters' heads, such as intentionally getting 'hooked' on smoking cigarettes for a short time because some of the kids in my book tried smoking . I didn't want to just read about what a nicotine addiction is like; I felt like I needed to experience it so I could write believably from their perspective.

10) I worked with Rob Reiner, Cary Elwes, Nick Robinson & Common in the first reunion of Rob & Cary since The Princess Bride. There were some fun conversations behind the scenes on that film.

11) BONUS: I've written over 100 episodes for various TV series, mini-series and specials, as well as several feature screenplays.

12) BONUS: I wrote, produced & directed the feature film adaptation of The Legacy Series, which should be released shortly after the books launch.

13) BONUS: My uncle played in the NFL on Vince Lombardi's Green Bay Packers, and was on the team the year they won Super Bowl 1.

About the author:
Brandyn Cross is a multi-media artist, as an accomplished writer, recording artist, songwriter, filmmaker, and actor.

Brandyn is the writer/producer of the major live event Jackie Evancho & Friends: We are Hope, which was also filmed for television broadcast as multiple concert specials.

As a singer/songwriter Brandyn scored the international top 10 hits Dear Mr. Jesus and If Money Talks (It Ain’t on Speakin’ Terms With Me), and the top10 music video I Will Always Love You. He won BEST SONG at the prestigious Utah Film Festival & Awards for his composition and recording of Love Again, as featured in the television series Proper Manors.

As an actor and filmmaker, Brandyn has worked on numerous projects such as Unicorn City and The Wayshower, as well as Alienate and Being Charlie with Rob Reiner. He is presently in post-production on his feature directorial debut with the dark Emo drama, The Legacy.

Among his body of written work is the Feature Film The Legacy, currently in post-production and the recently completed Gary Coleman biography, As if I Never Existed, with Gary’s widow Shannon Price. Brandyn has optioned and produced multiple feature screenplays and has written over 100 episodes for various TV series and specials. Brandyn is presently releasing the first volumes in an epic book series, The Legacy.

Brandyn started exploring his creative gifts following a serious industrial accident that turned him into a wheelchair-bound amputee in addition to already being "high functioning" autistic. Determined to show the world that even severe obstacles can be overcome, Brandyn began developing his innate creative abilities, studying and honing his craft, until ultimately turning this ambition into a professional reality. Today, he continues this mission in earnest.

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