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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Will chaos ensue? - Origin of the Vampire (The Cycle of life #1) by Ruth Spencer

When, the manufactured bloods vampires drink runs out, vampires become feral.
Will chaos ensue?


Published: November 25th, 2018

Christophe Haram is vampire, his skin is pale, his hair black. An avid reader of conspiracy theories, he is certain the mythical human race exist. During his wild youth he darkened his skin and dyed his hair, he remains unruly to this day.

A new dayclub, Sunrise, opens in his home town, Orionsby; and it appears to be a hotbed for trafficking missing vampires. While investigating Sunrise, Christophe uncovers terrifying tales of missing vampire spanning decades.

When, the manufactured bloods vampires drink runs out, vampires become feral.
Will chaos ensue?
And when an old friend returns with a proposition, is Christophe brave enough to accept it? 


‘Remember when we bought the self-darkening lotion, we had dark skin for nights, everyone used to stare at us and we used to try our best to look sultry and moody?’ 

‘We were sultry and moody, we didn’t need to pretend. What about the clothes we used to wear?’

‘Oh no, mate, you had that awful suit.’

‘I thought I looked the business in it. It wasn’t made from the usual leather was it? It had a similar feel but was dimpled and more delicate.’

Logan started to laugh. ‘Remember when Miss Berry our science teacher turned up to school in a similar suit. You could almost see through the material.’

‘She was a bit way out wasn’t she?’ Christophe sniggered. ‘Remember that lesson about the vampire eye when she told the whole class that vampire must have evolved from a species that could tolerate the sun because of the structure of our eyes?’

‘Oh my goodness, that’s when we wrote our first article for the school paper and you started to get into your conspiracy theories.’

‘Ahhhh, the old vampeye conspiracy,’ and they started to recite their article in parrot fashion.
The Vampeye Conspiracy
We vampire are nocturnal and our eyesight reflects that. We have large pupils containing 960 million rod cells which are sensitive to low light; they help us to see clearly in the dark. Also inside our eyes are 7 million cone cells which are of no proven benefit. Some scientists say they function in daylight.
If cone cells don’t work in the dark why do we even have them? Perhaps we have evolved from a diurnal species!
‘Mate, I think we could do with another drink, do you want the same again?’ Logan offered.

About the author:
Ruth lives in Rothley, Leicestershire, England with her space obsessed husband Simon and her black cat Violet, who just wants a warm knee. She found her love of books at a young age and remembers the smell of the old library on her monthly visits with her mum. Together they would bring home books of many different genres and Ruth quickly moved from reading teen novels to digesting adult books.

Ruth was always afraid of horror films, she remembers the time her mum bought her The Thing to watch, thinking it a nice science fiction film. Ruth was terrified and her feelings for horror films remained until her mid twenties, when, suddenly she began to appreciate horror films and began reading Urban Fantasy books. Vampire films quickly became a favourite and the idea for her debut novel slowly began to take place.

Currently Ruth is writing the sequel to Origin of the Vampire and when she isn't writing and promoting her book she loves to relax by drawing portraits. The great outdoors is a big passion and holidays in The Lake District and by the sea in Cornwall and Dorset give Ruth great inspiration. But it was walking in the woods close to home where Ruth had her eureka moment and worked out the final piece of the puzzle for her debut novel. Walking in the countryside near home remains a weekly ritual, and of course coffee and cake is essential before returning home.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome cover!

Mya Goss said...

I am in love with everything vampires!!! Absolutely love the cover!!

SexyBrat said...

Her outfit does not seem right for war.

Stephanie LaPlante said...

Sounds like an awesome book. I really like the cover, especially the eyes.

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone for your positive comments. I am so glad to hear you like my cover,as if folk like the cover, the chances are they will go on to read my blurb. Only one comment puzzles me and that is the one saying 'her outfit does not seem right for war.' What outfit do you mean?

Anonymous said...

The cover art seems appropriate for the book. Good job.

Maria Katie said...

WOW this looks amazing, love the cover and the title.

dave said...

love the cove and it looks like a good book. Can't wait to read it.

Michelle Tucker said...

i love the cover. Would love to read this one.

yellowlabs said...

The cover looks really good!