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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Guest Post and Giveaway: Ursa Unearthed (Scourge Survivor Series #2) by J.L. Madore

Cover Artist: David Wysotski


Mika’s life has never been normal, but it’s hers.

After being told by the Great Spirit to stand up for the Earth Mother’s children and “save the great species from extinction,” she buries herself in an investigative journalism career hunting down poachers and exposing illegal trade in wildlife exotics. A survivor by nature, she would rather fight injustice than maneuver the hassles and heartache of relationships anyway. 

When danger suddenly finds her unprepared, Mika’s perception of her life is shattered and she is hurled into a realm of magic and murder she does not understand. Seduced by Bruin, the powerful and sexy warrior who saves her life, Mika is catapulted into a world where Were-creatures and Scourge assassins threaten not only her life but her heart as well.

With the boundary between worlds crumbling, Mika realizes that her destiny to save the great species will draw her deeper into a reality more terrifying to her than anything she has faced before.

Trusting in love. 
What are the challenges of writing the second book?

From the beginning of the Scourge Survivor Series, I knew it would take me five-six books to tell the whole story. I had an idea of who would star in each one of the novels and how those characters would build to the final climax in the overarching drama of the series. With the whole story already in mind, I suppose the biggest challenge I faced for book two, Ursa Unearthed, was making sure the narrative voice of the five lead heroines didn't become homogenized.

Jade, Mika, Lexi, Lia and Zophia are all diversely different characters and I had to make sure their voices and their struggles remained individual and true to their characters. Each of them are strong in their own way, but I had to ensure that their vulnerabilities rang true to who they were and the circumstances of their stories.

Another challenge was figuring out how to shift from the story being told in a 1st person/female narrative (which all five books are) to the story of the end game, which is the completion of the Ambar Lenn – Fate's Journey. You'll notice the second book starts with the musings of Aust, setting the stage of things to come. In book one, Blaze Ignites, the story begins with the coming of age journey of three Highborne Elves—Galan, Tham and Aust. That is actually what the series is about. Each of the five books weaves the tale of one of five women, but it's the struggles and survival of the three males which is the tether that draws us through until the end. If I've done it right. Which I believe I have, given the comments and questions of the reviews.

Now with Ursa Unearthed launched and Torrent of Tears, book three) in edits, I'm finding it more and more difficult to continue to really twist the knife because everyone, including me, is more and more invested in the characters. Conflict may be King, but I've grown to love these three. Don't worry, though their lives might not turn out how they'd originally thought, but I'm a woman who believes in love and believes in the 'Happily Ever After'.

Thanks so much to Mythical Books for hosting me here today. I hope you all enjoy Ursa Unearthed.


Ambar Lenn – Fate's Journey

Alone in the dark, Aust sat at the bottom of the grand staircase of Jade's manse, staring at the cryptic words mounted on the foyer wall. Translated by the Centaur, Chiron of Deleran, the Queen Oracles' prophesy hung opposite the double entrance doors. Aust's Elven brothers and warrior friends boasted thoughts and theories as to its meaning, but theories they remained. And on nights when reverie evaded him—which occurred more oft than not—he sat within the silent stone walls of Jade's new home and tried to glean the prophesy's meaning:

Journey of Fate, two realms to purge
Weapons drawn against the Scourge
Blaze of passion,
Trust unearthed,
Cleansing of past,
Spirit rebirthed,
Fate or free-will, which to choose?
With love to gain and life to lose.
Darkness hides in familiar form
A brother's betrayal, a sister's storm
Empower lost souls or evil shall reign
Noble the child of argenteous mane

Journey of Fate—the first line referred to their Ambar Lenn, everyone agreed on that point. Four fortnights past, the inception of his, Galan's and Thamior's journey to manhood had triggered unforeseen events. On that night—the night the exile of his people was lifted—the three of them had set off from the Highborne village to find their path.

Aust had yet to find anything . . . save grief.

His Eda had been slain, his Naneth left heart-weary, and his people so offended by his goddess-given affinity to communicate with his animal brothers and sisters, they cast him out.

Galan fared well enough, and for at least that much, he rejoiced. Jade was a remarkable female, and to have Recognized with his mate . . . there was no greater blessing. Together, partners in life and purpose, the two now served Castian as Protectors of the Realm of the Fair.

Thamior's journey? Well . . . Tham remained Tham e'ermore. Aust marveled at the strength of spirit the male possessed, his love and wonder of all things, the simple joy he found in living free within the Realm of the Fair. Tham had yet to make any progress in his journey, yet paid it no mind.

Weapons drawn against the Scourge—Aust was more than ready to take up arms against the enemy of the realm. He yearned to prove his value, burned to avenge his dead. There were moments, the fury boiled so white-hot in his blood, he almost drowned in the lure of vengeance and pain. He quelled those impulses as best he could.

For the choices made to navigate the journey of the Ambar Lenn would determine if he could ever be thought of as a male of worth. And so he pushed back the anguish and the anger and waited . . . .

About the author:

JL Madore, lover of family, animals and chocolate has a soft spot for romance and a hot button for sexy stories. She didn't find writing so much as it found her. Waking each morning with a vivid cast of characters tangled in chaos in her head, it seemed essential to capture them on the page. 


JL Madore said...

My thanks to Mythical Books for hosting a guest post and featuring Ursa Unearthed today. Happy reading!


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Another great looking addiction to my TBR list! Wow!

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@JL Madore - You're welcome; it was our pleasure

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First, I always loved American Native's stories with their spirit and subtle meanings and second there is not any other better source for fantasy/paranormal (modern) stories than folklore