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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cover Reveal and Giveaway: Mists of Time (Book 4 of The Oracles) by Delia J. Colvin

Release Date: November 1st, 2014


He was destined to love one woman for eternity... Until The Fates interfered.

From International Bestselling author Delia J. Colvin, the saga continues with Book Four of the Bestselling Oracles series; The Mists of Time.

Alex & Valeria are finally settled in modern day Manhattan. But the past is shifting. When Alex's sister, Antonia, returns through an opening in time, Alex follows and secrets are revealed which compromise not only Alex and Valeria's happy ending, but that of Paolo, Antonia and all of the oracles.

The Oracles does for Greek Mythology what Outlander does for the Klans of the Scottish Highlands

About the author:
Delia Colvin is a full-time novelist and screenwriter who considers herself a gypsy. She has lived as far north as Alaska, and as far east as Washington D.C. with many stops in between, but considers Southern California her home.

She has worked as an Air Traffic Controller, a Russian Interpreter, a barber and dozens of other occupations, as well as numerous entrepreneurial ventures.

After a near-death experience a few years ago, Delia committed to completing a first novel. Ten weeks later she had the draft to a series and a year later, her first three novels hit the bestsellers list.

"When you are too cowardly to do what you love, you'll find a lot of other things you CAN do. It's facing that fear and releasing my first novel that added joy and satisfaction to my life."

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