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Monday, December 9, 2019

The world you know is only half the story... Refraction by Terry Geo

"This book is incredible. I can't remember ever being this excited while reading. The story is brilliant [...] It has everything you could ever want, and more." Michael M., Goodreads


Published: October 4th, 2019

Most stories start at the beginning; this one begins at the end. At least for Maria. Her sudden death sends shockwaves through her family and pushes her grieving mother to the very brink of insanity. After exhausting every avenue conventional medicine has to offer, Maria’s father, Henry, brings together the world’s greatest minds in the hope of carving out a new path. Months pass, and as Henry watches his beloved Elena slowly drift away, he begins to lose faith. It is only then that a solution presents itself. A discovery so momentous, it saves Elena and reveals the most important scientific and technological breakthrough in modern history. 

Silicate is founded; a privately funded facility which delves deeper into the human mind, able to discover answers to questions we are yet to ask. Securing Silicate’s secrets becomes of utmost importance; even after treating hundreds of patients, the public is still unaware of the wonders and terrifying reality Silicate has unearthed . . . 

The world you know is only half the story.


 “And you think he’s trapped us in here out of spite or something?” Isabell asked.
“I can’t say I understand his motives, but the system logs show he was the last person to enter this room before today. Until we have more information, that’s the only explanation I can come up with.”
“What do we do now? Just wait until someone lets us out?” Jake asked.
“I’m afraid that’s not an option. The nearest washroom is on the other side of that locked door, along with the kitchen, so we have no food or water. The next person with access to Archeus won’t be on duty until six a.m.”
“You’re saying we have to hold our bladders for another six hours?”
“Sorry, I meant six a.m. on Monday.”
“What?” Isabell, Jake and Ryder cried in unison.
“And that’s assuming we’re reported missing and they come to check Archeus.”
“That’s insane. How are we going to manage that long?” Isabell asked.
“That’s not even our most immediate problem.”
“What do you mean?” Ryder looked hard at Padman.
“I can’t access the main network on the computer, but I was able to search through the folders specific to this room. In the system logs is a live-feed measuring the air quality. It’s dropping. I checked why that might be, and I believe the air circulation system has been manually switched off. This is a vacuum-sealed room and as you can see, there are no windows to crack open.”
“How long do we have left?” Ryder asked.
“There are stores of air to feed this room and as long as we —”
“How long do we have, Padman?” Jake asked nervously.
“A little over an hour.”
Panic set in for Isabell and Jake, whose eyes were now darting around the room, searching for an opening of any kind. Ryder maintained more composure.
“Do you have any suggestions?”
“Only one, and I would use it in a heartbeat, but —” the doctor turned to Isabell “— your cat being here terrifies me more than the thought of us all suffocating to death.”

About the author:
Born in Derbyshire, raised in Yorkshire, resides in London, Terry learned from a young age that he was different from his peers. He preferred the company of girls over boys, didn’t like sports and would write at every opportunity. He was bullied throughout his school life both physically and verbally and had to deal with the cruelty of others from an early age. 

Terry Geo wrote and directed his first play at age eleven. At sixteen, he started work in television, writing scripts and becoming the youngest director in the country. Terry applied for a job while taking his final exams and started work in television the week after he finished school. For the first time in his life, he found a world where he could shine and be accepted for who he was. He came out as gay to his parents the following week and never again hid his sexuality from anyone. At seventeen he became the youngest director in the country, producing a light entertainment show for Yorkshire Television. After a short stint in a boyband, Terry went back to writing, editing two national publications. He toured the world as an actor, moved to London and in 2017, wrote and directed a musical for the London stage. A year later, Terry married Ken, the love of his life, in London. After their honeymoon in Thailand, he returned to a book he had started some years before. In January 2019, his cat Megara sadly passed away. This hit Terry hard and in memorial to her, he wrote her into the book he was writing. She is now a part of Terry’s debut published novel, Refraction. 

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