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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Queens of Wings & Storms - A Limited Edition Fantasy & Urban Fantasy Collection

with stories by 
Angela Sanders, Tina Glasneck, Claire Davon, 
Adrienne Blake, Kyndra Hatch, D. C. Gomez, Jenn D. Young, 
Kat Parrish, AJ Gala , Susannah Shannon, Angela Kulig 


Published: November 20th, 2019 

Searching for myths and magic?

Queens of Wings and Storms in a fiery collection of fantasy and urban fantasy tales from today’s bestselling and the hottest new authors.

Fly with dragons, witches, and burn whole kingdoms to the ground as you explore one new fantastical world after the next. From urban fantasy streets to forgotten lands, our heroines and queens are poised to rule it all.

One click today, before the fire is snuffed out on this limited time offer.

Books by:
Angela Sanders
USA Today Bestselling Author Tina Glasneck
USA Today Bestselling Author Claire Davon
USA Today Bestselling Author Adrienne Blake
USA Today Bestselling Author Kyndra Hatch
USA Today Bestselling Author D. C. Gomez
Jenn D. Young
Kat Parrish
AJ Gala
Susannah Shannon
Angela Kulig

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CJ said...

Love the cover! That dragon is everything.... :)

Bea LaRocca said...

Great cover! This sounds like an awesome collection of stories. Thank you for sharing the book details

magic5905 said...

Love the cover, beautiful.

Michele S. said...

This is a lovely set to give as a gift.. Thank you for the suggestion.. Also the cover is very pretty...

Sharon E said...

Loved the covers.

Bridgett Wilbur said...

I just love the cover.

BunnyClem said...

This sounds awesome! The cover is stunning! ❤