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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Uncovering the truth - Hanging Tobacco by Linda S. Browning

"Very cool mystery! I liked this book. Olivia is an investigative reporter, and she keeps getting caught up in looking into mysterious deaths. [...] Suspenseful and sometimes funny, I recommend this book. I plan on keeping on reading this author, Linda S. Browning."- Lee, Goodreads


Published: June 2017

Hanging Tobacco is the first book in the Parlor Game Mystery Series. 

Olivia Honeycutt solved the cold case murder of Sophie Mathews with the help of Sophie’s Ouija board. Now, Olivia and her Nashville detective boyfriend, Presley, tackle the twenty five year old mystery surrounding the death of Henry Meyer. The old man was found hanging from the neck in the rafters of his tobacco barn in Columbia, Tennessee. Was Henry intent on suicide? Or, was it murder? 

Uncovering the truth behind Henry’s death proves both challenging and life threatening. Not everyone in Columbia wants to know the truth. Olivia takes the Ouija board on the road.

"I really enjoyed this novel. Right from the beginning it grabbed my attention and had me turning pages wanting to know what happens next. The mystery of this novel is really well done and I absolutely love it. I like that I got to figure out who the murderer was and that it wasn't something so obvious that you see it a mile away. This story is so artfully written and well done."- Seraphia, Goodreads

About the author:
Linda S. Browning is retired from the University of Tennessee, Office of Research and Social Work. She lives with her husband in Middle Tennessee with their thirty-plus year old amazon parrot. Linda is the author of the laugh-out-loud Leslie & Belinda Mysteries. Her book, Pickett House, has recently received five stars by Reader’s Favorite.

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