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Saturday, July 15, 2017

unconditional love and redemption - Snow Blood: Season 5 by Carol McKibben

"I love the Snow Blood series! It's a wonderful storyline, with unique (a vampire dog!!!), intriguing characters. This is the final book in the series, with a major struggle ending in a surprise finale." - Jane, Goodreads


Release Date: July 15th, 2017

As this beloved vampire series draws to a close with Season 5, discover the true fate that awaits Brogio and his loved ones.

A devastating loss sets Snow Blood and his vampire family on a path to revenge. Determined to use whatever means necessary, Brogio’s kindred dog risks the endangerment and potential destruction of all he loves and most especially the love of his master’s life, Selene. Only a surprising intervention can save them from a tragic destiny as the mythological gods unite to destroy them.

As this beloved vampire series draws to a close with Season 5, discover the true fate that awaits Brogio and his loved ones.

Join the paranormal world of Brogio, the first vampire, as told through the eyes of his kindred dog, Snow Blood! The Snow Blood Series of five books takes readers through the creation of the first vampire and how he saved a dying white husky to be his eternal companion. Together the two face a series of events that reveal sinister plots to destroy the father of all vampires and those he loves. As the two fight to recover Brogio's lost love, Selene, they are joined in their guest by Kane, the first blood son. This beloved vampire family faces the wrath of the mythological gods, hunters, shape shifters, witches, and demons.Through it all, Snow Blood demonstrates the meaning of unconditional love and redemption.

About the author:
Carol McKibben was a magazine publisher for 20+ years. She has published Luke’s Tale, Riding Through It and the Snow Blood Vampire Mystery Thriller Series. Luke’s Tale and Snow Blood are targeted to a YA market. Luke’s Tale was included in the Summer Solstice Top 12 Book Pick List. Carol writes from the heart of a dog’s eyes. Her books help support her dog rescue efforts and focus on unconditional love. Carol, her labradoodle Neo, lab Thor and Siberian Husky Ty are currently working on new adventures. Go to:


Stephanie LaPlante said...

Sounds like a great book.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Stephanie! Best, Carol

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Thank you to our host! Best, Carol