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Monday, July 24, 2017

a moral compass? - Chasing Shadows by Bernadette Marie

" Excelent. This book has a plot twist that’s bound to shock readers. Strongly recommended for any avid reader with a keen eye for detail. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this book, and was fully immersed in the chase to find the murderer."- leonie, Goodreads


Published: June 13th, 2017

Someone has decided to become the moral compass for the women in town, and now they're turning up dead. It will be up to Detective Lacy Pratt to find their killer before her relationship with Declan Matthews, brother to one of the victims, marks her as a target.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bernadette Marie 

I’m not too much of a mystery. In fact, I’ve always thought of myself as an open book—perhaps even a worn out copy that was dog-eared. But here are 10 things you might not know about me. 

1 I received my black belt in Tang Soo Do when I was 37 and went on to achieve 2nd 

2 I was once told by a vocal coach that it takes 20 years to perfect an operatic voice, and I was 10 years ahead. I was 17 at the time. 

3 I’ve been driving forklifts since I was 7. 

4 I can hold a damn good plank! 

5 By trade I’m a cosmetologist and I opened my first salon when I was just 20-years-old. 

6 I have spent 6 of my past 8 birthdays in Disneyland (as an adult!) 

7 My birthday is on Independence Day, and no, I don’t think everyone is celebrating for me. In fact, I don’t even like fireworks. 

8 I’m a Colorado native and I have never, ever been skiing. 

9 I’m a serial entrepreneur. I love to start new businesses with skills that I acquire. 

10 I am a finalist for the 2017 Independent Writer of the Year Award through Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. (Announcement of winner pending…but I’ll always be a finalist.)

About the author:
Bestselling Author Bernadette Marie is known for building families readers want to be part of. Her series The Keller Family has graced bestseller charts since its release in 2011. Since then she has authored and published over thirty books. The married mother of five sons promises romances with a Happily Ever After always…and says she can write it because she lives it.

Bernadette is also the CEO of 5 Prince Publishing and Illumination Author Events and Services.

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