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Monday, April 4, 2016

beautiful and ugly at the same - Swallowing Colors by Brayden Maggart

"Words are scary and not to be messed with...words are everything" 
“Things get better; just make sure you’re still around when it happens.”
"I could honestly that life was hideous, disgusting, unfair and cruel… But I could also honestly say it was the most beautiful, rewarding, blissful experience in the world."


Published: October 10th, 2015

Seventeen-year-old Analia struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder stemming from a long childhood of abuse and trying to cope with her brother, Cloud's, suicide while still continuing to manage life with a neglectful, addicted mother.

Without guidance, Analia and her brother, August, experience the hardships of adolescence and the joys of first love as they learn life's hardest lessons. Together, they figure out how it's possible that the world is both beautiful and ugly at the same time as the two come to form a unit we know as life.

"What an emotionally captivating rollercoaster ride this book was. It really tugged at my heart in more ways than one. Ana, August and Flynn are siblings and their childhood is made up of nightmares but their love for each other is ultimately what keeps them sane and together."Goodreads, Kat

" Her depth in the story, her words… It’s like she left her soul in the pages of the book. I was and still am in awe of this debut author. [...] The writing in this story is beyond anything magical. I’m not lying. I got so submerged in the story. The writing pulled me in and I couldn’t let go. Once again I say this young author did a tremendous job with this story." - Goodreads, Genesis Sheli

About the author:
Brayden Maggart writes about the human experience and aims to bring perspective to the literary world through diverse and uncensored characters. Maggart does not stick to one specific genre and uses writing as a way to talk about important issues.

Though her writing is dark, it's generally not the kind of dark that includes mythological monsters but the kind that deals with the real horrors that happen to ordinary people who don't deserve it and explores healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms. 

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