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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The bodies lost could not be found… - Lies and Snow-Clad Graves (Vyberdex #2) by Tyffani Clark Kemp

The bodies lost could not be found…
Beneath the lies and snow-clad graves…
Cries the truth of what happened…
…at Harrow Haves.


Release Date: February 16th, 2016

The bodies lost could not be found…

Kandace Callahan disappeared three years ago. Assuming her to be dead, her family buried an empty casket and moved on, but they didn’t give up finding out what had happened to her.

Beneath the lies and snow-clad graves…

On the outside, Kay Oliver is the perfect wife. She wears a gentle smile and never argues. She and her husband Steven are town heroes.

On the inside, Kay is angry and bitter and she doesn’t know why. That is, until an out-of-towner comes in and shows her the truth. She’s the product of an experiment gone wrong and he’s a private detective sent by her family to find her.

Cries the truth of what happened…

When Steven finds out that she knows the truth, he begins a plot to erase her memory and replace it with one that will suit him better. But with so many unknown variables, he can’t be aware of what will happen if he trusts the wrong person.

…at Harrow Haves.

The truth begins a frantic race to stay alive. Will she make it back to her family? Or will they want the woman she has become?


“Do you want me to pour you some?” she asked, trying to diffuse the uncomfortable tension. She held up the bottle for him to see and reached into the cabinet for a glass. As she pulled her hand out, a brown spider stared back at her from the rim. “Steven!” she screamed. Fear made her limbs stiff.

Steven came running. “What’s wrong?” Kay couldn’t find her voice to answer. “It’s just a spider, Kay,” he said with a chuckle. He reached for the glass, but as he did, the spider jumped onto Kay’s hand. His little legs scrabbled along her skin.

Kay screamed again and shook her hand, dropping the glass onto the floor where it shattered into a hundred tiny pieces. The spider fell to the floor and Kay leaped away. Glass cut into her foot, but she barely noticed. She was too focused on making sure the spider scurried away from her and not toward her.
About the author:
Tyffani Clark Kemp might be the quietest person in the room, but that just means she’s probably the biggest freak too. She is a multi-genre author with a gift for the written word and a desire to help all Indies reach their full potential. In 2012, she and her best friend Kimberly Fudge started SideStreet Cookie Publishing for authors who want to remain independent, but don’t have the time or the knowledge to do it all themselves. From the age of eleven she dedicated her life to writing and making sure she was good at her craft. Now, she passes that knowledge on to others. Her friends would describe her as determined and giving. She may be quite, but she always has a story to tell.

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