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Thursday, February 18, 2016

She’s here for our help - The Twistedly True Guardian Tale (Ruby Hood #2) by Stephanie Greenhalgh

In the small town of Woodsville, Ruby Hood is settling into her role as Guardian of the Wood. In the blink of an eye, her monumental high school graduation comes and goes without her attendance. There are too many other things on her mind.


In the small town of Woodsville, Ruby Hood is settling into her role as Guardian of the Wood. In the blink of an eye, her monumental high school graduation comes and goes without her attendance. There are too many other things on her mind.

Her mom, Christine Wood, has just returned from caring for Ruby's ill grandmother. Kent Wolf finally gets released from the hospital and Kayla Wolf is desperate to make amends, while Dylan Hunter works to hone his Huntsman skills. Everything seems like it’s going to work itself out, until Ivy Snow shows up on Ruby’s front porch with an RV filled with seven dwarfs.

As a new darkness casts a shadow over Woodsville, Ruby is unsure where to turn when turmoil erupts in the Wood, and finds herself aligned with an unusual cast of characters. As Guardian of the Wood, Ruby worries that she can’t save everyone, but what if she is the one who needs saving?

This is the second book in the Ruby Hood Series by Stephanie Greenhalgh.

Ivy Snow

The woman was absolutely stunning—not in the traditional movie star way, but in a way that was more unique. It was more the way she carried herself with confidence. Her short bobbed hair was black as night and her skin as fair as snow. Her blunt bangs perfectly framed her deep, clear blue eyes. Her crimson lips curled into a soft smile and tips of tattoos peeked out from her neck and shoulders. The woman seemed very at ease in her own skin and couldn’t have looked more comfortable with her legs tucked up beneath her. She had removed her shoes and made herself at home. 

“She’s dead, you know,” said the woman. 

“No, silly, my mom. She’s gone.” The woman replied. 

A darkness flickered through Ruby’s eyes. She knew the pain of losing a parent all too well. “I’m sorry,” she said contritely. “So is my dad.” 

“No kidding.” The woman’s blue eyes gazed at Ruby. “It’ll be fifteen years this summer.” 

“Really? Me, too.” The girls held each other’s gaze for a brief minute. 

“I’m Ivy…Ivy Snow.” The girl leaned across the oval coffee table and shook Ruby’s hand. The air stood still, and suddenly Ruby understood. Ivy was here for help. Ruby knew they would probably need each other in the near future. Their paths were meant to cross.


A tap on the window startled Ruby. Kayla, the shape-shifter, hovered right outside the kitchen window, in her gray-eyed raven form. 

Ruby looked knowingly at the bird and nodded slightly. She slid the window open. “Hi, Kayla.” The bird squawked at her. “Find him, please and tell him…tell him…” Ruby sighed before she continued. “Tell him that I love him. I don’t know what that means yet, but I know I do. And…” Ruby stared at the bird and continued. “…and be careful, both of you.” She dropped her gaze and her voice trailed off. 

Needless to say, Kayla and Ruby had a complicated past and Ruby had no idea what that meant for their future. She hated to admit it, but deep down she was glad Kayla was gone, especially considering the arrival of Ivy Snow and her van of weirdness. 

~The Twistedly True Guardian Tale

Back at the cabin…through the mirror…

Ruby gasped when the mirror gurgled and bubbled, then a smoky fog filled the large oval. Stepping in closer, she began to make out an outline beneath the haze. When the outline became clear, she stifled a scream with her hand. Her cabin shimmied into view, giving her a bird’s eye view of her own living room. Knox, Dylan, Liam, and Jared were all sitting around the coffee table, poring over papers. Books littered the floor and a map hung on the wall. 

A soft knock on the door startled Ruby, even standing in her old room at her mother’s house. Who could be knocking on her door today? Right now? 

Ruby watched as Dylan jumped up. He peered through the window, shrugged and flung the door wide open. A little old woman stood on the porch, covered in a dark gray cloak, carrying a basket of ruby red apples.

About the author:
A born and raised Midwestern girl, Stephanie Greenhalgh currently resides in Las Vegas. As an avid reader and writer, literature and learning have always been more of a passion than a hobby. This two time UNLV graduate spends her days teaching elementary school and her weekends and summers writing stories.

The first book in her Ruby Hood series debuted in 2013, and the sequel,The Twistedly True Guardian Tale, will release in summer 2015. Stephanie also has four published short stories and a self published novella, If the Silver Slippers Fit.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends and lovable Labrador retrievers. 

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