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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hope may lie in a single woman - Exodus (Dawn of Unity, #2) by Amanda S. Reaves

With the Astrians disappearance and their home, the Spectrums, destroyed; the planet of Zanali no longer has its angelic protectors. Now that SIN is allowed to run rampant and free, those who dwell on this planet watch as their people and land become corrupted by its temptation. 


Published: September 11th, 2015

With the Astrians disappearance and their home, the Spectrums, destroyed; the planet of Zanali no longer has its angelic protectors. Now that SIN is allowed to run rampant and free, those who dwell on this planet watch as their people and land become corrupted by its temptation. 

Temptation, thebeast that serves as a walking energy source for SIN, grows stronger everyday with seemingly no opposition. But is that really the case? 

Hope may lie in a single woman, drawn to search for an ancient relic she isn’t sure exists; and a shunned princess whose curse could very well be a divine blessing in disguise. Meanwhile, Dymona becomes the council’s next target as she struggles to try and free Ambrose from their hands, and learn the secret behind their actions. 

Could the unexpected help from an otherwise cold-hearted ruler be the key to setting them both free? 
Is he the answer to her long-standing prayer?


Red placed the coin in her pocket, before surveying the room again. Glancing down, she noticed some writing in the center of floor, scrawled inside a large crescent moon. 

When two or more are gathered, I am in the midst. 
The miracle you are seeking will happen from such as simple as this. 

Red pondered it a moment, after reading it aloud. “Well…let’s gather together.” 

The group formed a circle, holding hands, and for a while nothing happened. But as they closed their eyes, focusing their thoughts on the Exalted One, they started to hear a rumble in the room. Opening their eyes, they noticed a glow emanating off of each of them: Kyani in white, Kyna in cyan, Xurian in magenta and Stevan in yellow. As they glowed, the illura symbols on their skin grew warm and projected its image high above their heads. The symbols, were ancient Asta, the language of the Astrians and when the four were put together a single word emerged: 


At this, the tower trembled and shook, causing the group to look up, viewing the four tower tips split away from each other and letting the night sky pour in. They felt a downdraft of wind that carried in the stars from the sky as if the night sky itself moved to fill the tower. Out of the star trail a great dragon formed, moving through darkness itself. Its silver tipped fur twinkled like the stars and his eyes had flecks of every color imaginable. He curled around the outside of the tower, his sheer body mass too large to fit inside. His wings were made out of the dark sky and were sprinkled with stars. The same winged symbols found on Red’s shoulders appeared on his, only his were rainbow in hue and were blazing reflections off of his black fur. His iridescent eyes caught sight of Red and as their eyes locked she felt a familiar warm feeling that delved deep into her heart. 

“You seem so familiar.” She spoke, moving towards the area where his head was, and feeling surrounded by the dragon’s aura. 

The dragon just smiled. “Well, I’ve always been with you.” He folded his massive wings on his back. “You may not have always seen me, and I wasn’t always able to speak, but you have never been alone.” Silent tears formed in Red’s eyes, as she stared into his. “Nor will you ever be alone, as long as I live.” 

“But who -” The dragon shook his head. “That’s not important right now. The important thing is fulfilling what you all have called me to do.” The dragon raised its neck back and the huge rainbow colored chain necklace caught the light of the torches. Its center charm was a black and greyscale ring, surrounding a red heart with a black cross in it. The charm faced Red and glowed hot and Red felt the heat rise up within her and she glowed.

About the author:
Amanda S. Reaves is an artist, writer, choreographer and most importantly, a woman of God. She has been actively empowering others through her liturgical dance ministry. She is also active in multiple other ministries in her home church, Victory Outreach. Ms. Reaves has made it her goal to reach lives for God through her Christian novel series, Astria Legends: "the world of Living Breathing Color" which is geared towards teens and adults. Her company of the same name, takes the series to new levels through dance, poetry, music, motivational speaking and much more. She is a native of Louisiana, and an alumnus of Southern University, who now resides in Fort Worth TX.


Unknown said...

I admit, the cover is fabulous and was what first caught my attention. Then the blurb finished by hooking me too! I'd love to read it:)

Mary Preston said...

An intriguing excerpt thank you.



Sue A. said...

A magical moment when Red's eyes connect with that of the dragon's, whose always been with her, unseen, unheard, but by her side nevertheless.

My color is: Yellow

Angelic Emypress said...

Thank you all for your comments! I'll be giving away some digital art during the tour on my Twitter and Facebook if anyone wants to follow.
Also I'll be posting extra content on tour stops that post content you've already seen :)

Laura: I'm so glad you like the cover! That is my own artwork :) so glad it is a book you'd want to read.
Your color is Silver. Add this color into any future comments on this tour. I post links to each stop on my website (end of the day) as well as facebook (beginning of the day).

Mary: Thanks! So glad you are following :)

Sue: Yes exactly! And there are hints and subtle clues within the book that show how his statements to her could very well be true...
Thanks for following the tour!