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Monday, February 29, 2016

no matter the risk - A Kiss in the Shadows (Lost Coast Harbor #2) by Eve Kincaid & Lily Danes

Erin Grady is used to taking care of people. That’s why she’s thrilled to finally realize her dream of opening a clinic…and why she’s willing to overlook where the money came from—until a determined prosecutor comes sniffing around.


Erin Grady is used to taking care of people. That’s why she’s thrilled to finally realize her dream of opening a clinic…and why she’s willing to overlook where the money came from—until a determined prosecutor comes sniffing around.

Will Patton is desperate to leave the small fogbound town of Lost Coast Harbor and build a real career for himself. But to do that, he’ll need to expose the dirty police chief—and betray the woman who makes him wonder if he’s leaving town too soon.

But the corruption in Lost Coast Harbor runs deep and wide—and exposing the truth will require Erin and Will to expose their hearts…no matter the risk.


Will moved closer and reached past her, setting his wine next to hers and the nearness took her breath away. She raised her chin to look him in the eye to protest his bullying, but found herself speechless again, her heart pounding and unable to pull her gaze from his eyes, hooded with need. 

God, kiss me. Again. And again. 

He reached up and slipped a hand behind her neck, his fingers stroking the soft skin on her nape. Each brush fired her nerves, a heat that spread throughout her body. 

This was crazy. She wasn’t into one-night stands, or hookups, or even casual flings. But her last relationship had ended a couple years earlier. She was due, damn it. She was a grown woman and could decide to have casual sex if she wanted to. Just because that wasn’t her usual style, didn’t mean it was necessarily a bad idea. She was just too busy, and worked too many nights. And she knew too much about any potential partner, the hazard of living in a small town for most of one’s life. 

Will’s lips brushed across hers and his hand tightened on her neck and any moral objection she might have had flew out the window. Her heart pounded as the kiss grew deeper, more demanding. She inhaled the faint hint of his scent and the rough friction from the slight scruff on his face overwhelmed her. She ran a hand up his hard chest, flattening her palm to feel as much of him as possible. 


His gruff whisper didn’t make sense, but the sound made her shiver. Before she could respond, he kissed her again. Her arms were around his neck, pulling him closer. It wasn’t enough. 

About the author: 
Lily Danes - Like so many good ideas, Lost Coast Harbor was inspired by a few rounds of margaritas. One sunny afternoon, Lily Danes and Eve Kincaid went to a Mexican restaurant for snacks and tequila and left with the idea for a new series. Inspired by their love of noir movies and 1940s crime novels, they imagined a gritty small town full of crime and corruption, where intrigue and mystery can lead to love and passion. 

Eve Kincaid is a lapsed lawyer who decided that fictional crime was more fun than the real deal. When she’s not writing about mysterious women and the dangerous and sexy men who love them, she’s probably shopping for books, lipstick, or imported cheeses to complement a nice California pinot noir. 

You can keep up with Eve’s new releases by signing up for her reader newsletter. She’d love to hear from you. Just don’t be creepy about it.

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Birgit said...

Love the premise - I'm also real fond of small town settings, be it in a cozy mastery or a thriller!

Goddess Fish Promotions said...

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Eve Kincaid said...

Thank you for hosting us today!

Rita Wray said...

I liked the excerpt, thank you.

gregory said...

Thanks for competition!

DebP said...

It's a good premise for a novel. I look forward to reading it. Thanks so much.

Caitlin said...

Sounds like an interesting plot.

Bernie Wallace said...

What is the best joke that you have heard recently? Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win. Bernie W BWallace1980(at)hotmail(d0t)com

wendy Hutton said...

sounds like a great read thanks

Corey Hutton said...

Sounds good, thanks for this and the giveaway.

Richard Brandt said...

I guess the shadows are a bad place to hide when there's corruption to be exosed.

Jan Lee said...

Do you think these will ever come out in print copies? I don't have a Kindle and prefer not to read on the computer lol

Eve Kincaid said...

Jan, it will be available in print shortly. I like a good print book, also!

Amy Friedentag said...

Great excerpt!

Danielle merkle said...

Thank you for the giveaway!