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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Review - Love, Simon

Directed by Greg Berlanti
Writing Credits
Elizabeth Berger, Isaac Aptaker, Becky Albertalli
US Release: March 16th, 2018
Romania Release: June 22nd, 2018


Society creates expectations and unrealistic ideals. Society arbitrarily dictates what is good and bad. I never watched a movie that can so strongly and smoothly show how society shapes minds. Love, Simon is a film predominantly about Simon, a person who in the end comes to accept himself. 

What I adored about Simon’s story is that he shows the world that being gay doesn’t change who he is. Simon will act the same way he always has, love the same things he always loved and be the person who he’s always been. The plot also wittingly looks into the lives of Simon’s friends and what you see is that all his friends live with secrets and insecurities. These friends, like Simon, also learn to just be themselves. Live freely, away from labels and fear. I being a teenager, growing up with outlets such as Love, Simon is fundamental. I’m growing up with what I now see as a privilege because I know 50 years ago teenagers were robbed off it and I hope in the future my current privilege will be everyone’s mentality – that of being loving. 

Love, Simon is a great coming of age story because it brings the confidence that especially so many teenagers lose. Many of us were so carefree as children until reaching adolescence and from that point on everything changes. Of course things change, that’s normal. But we constrict our personalities to fit in with societal ideals which is tragic. Be you and do you. I think the film gives justice to the novel, I haven’t yet read the book but I am very eager to get my hands on it. 

The movie is easy-going, relatable and fun. It has a well-chosen and talented cast, even the obvious douche has a heart and conscious and you can’t help forgive him because just like this character we’ve all done mistakes. 

Greg Berlanti, the director did an amazing job. The aesthetic of the film and book reminds me of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars – the book’s cover/ movie posters has writing in a cloud shaped bubble, atop of a bold coloured background. A modern tale with modern advertising. Please go see this film: tear up at the tender moments, laugh at the comedic bits, empathise with all their stories because I guarantee that at one point in your life you were them. Most importantly, I hope that after you read the book or watched the film that you learned what Simon learns.

Thank you Epica Publishing House for giving me the opportunity to watch this film tonight!

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