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Monday, May 28, 2018

secrets, lies, and deadly enemies... Unmerciful (The Forbidden Bond #3) by Cat Miller

"Cat Miller is an expert on love. Seriously. Unmerciful is a tribute to how well she is able to brand our hearts and souls with the characters she has so carefully created. [...] It is imperative that you grab this book and sink back into Vampire Nation, a hot bath and a glass of wine are optional but strongly recommended." - Julia, Goodreads


Published: May 22nd, 2018

Being a vampire sure bites…

Lindsay Roselle’s biggest worry should have been what to wear under her robe at her college graduation, not how she was going to survive the night as a newly turned vampire. After catching the attention of the Rogue, a vampire out to destroy the Vampire Nation, Lindsay was forced to undergo the change herself. Convinced she’s fated for an end worse than death, Lindsay had all but given up until she’s rescued...by the last person she ever expected to see again. 

Kayden Paris wasn’t anything like the playboy Lindsay remembered from the night they shared together...and she wouldn’t have forgotten the fangs. Kayden is the heir to his vampire clan and son of the mightiest warrior in the Vampire Nation, but even he may not be able to heal all the wounds Lindsay suffered at the hands of the Rogue.

In a life fraught with secrets, lies, and deadly enemies, Lindsay must first learn to trust herself in order to survive.
About the author:
Cat Miller is the bestselling author of the Forbidden Bond Novels, Lucky Devil Series, and the New York Times bestselling Summer Fire Anthology. An avid reader of all genre of romantic fiction, Cat didn’t start writing until one of her daughters dared her to give it a try, and she never looked back.

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