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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Soul Thief (Angel of Death Series #1) by Majanka Verstraete

"This was an on the edge of your seat story. The action starts on the very first page. You think you know someone only to find out that they were not who you thought they were and things were not the way you perceived them to be. Told from the perspective of a sixteen year old girl, this book is sure to grab the attention of those who love YA books. Anyone who has loved reading angel and demon book series will definitely love this on." Goodreads, Sandra Stiles


When sixteen-year-old Riley is injured in a car crash and sees a girl stealing a boy’s soul, she’s convinced she’s hallucinating. But when she sees the same girl at the hospital later, she knows she wasn’t dreaming. That’s when Riley learns her secret heritage and who she really is: a halfling Angel of Death.

Riley must come to terms with her new reality and supernatural abilities, but before she can do this, girls her age start dying in mysterious circumstances. It’s up to Riley to figure out why, what the innocent victims have in common, and what she can do to stop them.

"There is so much to love about this book, I don't even know where to begin honestly. It was jam-packed full of awesomeness--action, suspense, intrigue, paranormal beings, the bonds of friendship, and some romance, too. The writing flows fast and helps you become engulfed in the drama unfolding in the pages." - Goodreads, Melissa Simmons

FREE until November 14th
About the author:
Majanka Verstraete begged her Mom to teach her how to read while she was still in kindergarten. By the time she finished fifth grade, she had read through the entire children’s section of her hometown library.

She wrote her first story when she was seven years old, and hasn’t stopped writing since. With an imagination that never sleeps, and hundreds of possible book characters screaming for her attention, writing is more than a passion for her.

She writes about all things supernatural for children of all ages. She’s tried to write contemporary novels before, but something paranormal always manages to crawl in.

Majanka is currently studying for her Master of Laws degree, and hopes one day to be able to combine her passions for law and writing. When she’s not writing, reading or studying, she likes watching “The Vampire Diaries” and “Game of Thrones,” spending time with her friends, or playing “World of Warcraft.”

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