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Monday, November 30, 2015

I Should Have Told You & Before I’m Gone Series: Night Killer #1 & #2 by Joanne Clancy

I Should Have Told You & Before I’m Gone
Series: Night Killer, Book 1 & 2 by Joanne Clancy



The truth changes everything… 

It was a dangerous proposition: sex for money with a complete stranger. Cold, scared, and alone: just where the killer wants her. She smiled her most beguiling smile at the driver who picked her up, and now she's dead, shrouded by the fog that clings grimly to her frail corpse as she lies on the edge of the riverbank.

When a serial killer goes on the rampage in Dublin, Detective George Ellis delves inside the mind of a murderer to discover what is driving him to kill and why. However, every lead comes with its own sinister undercurrents, and as the body count rises, the shocking truth unravels. 

George’s hunt for the truth leads him to the deadly secrets hidden within his own family, but he has no idea how much danger he's in. As he peels away the layers of a dark and dangerous past, he discovers the murders didn’t begin on that bitter night in November, and worst of all, they won’t end there… 

BEFORE I'M GONE is the pulse-pounding sequel to I SHOULD HAVE TOLD YOU.

Sometimes the secrets of the past should be left buried in the past…

Crime and justice are Detective George Ellis’ business. Murder is his speciality. In his twenty years on the police force, he thinks he’s seen it all: until now. A bloodthirsty murderer has been stalking the streets of Dublin for too long, leaving death and devastation in his wake. His victims are innocent women who find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As the body count rises, Detective Ellis follows every lead: no matter how dark or disturbing. However, there's no apparent connection between the women; they're all strangers with only one thing in common--the killer.

Someone from George’s past holds the key to solving the murders and bringing the serial killer to justice, but little does he know that his private and professional lives are about to collide with horrifying consequences...

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About the author:
Joanne Clancy is a Kindle All-Star and an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award quarter-finalist. Joanne is an Irish mystery writer, from Cork, Ireland. She is an avid reader, a self-confessed Kindle addict, and a tea fiend!

Her books combine murder, mystery, and suspense with a twist of psychological drama.

Her crime books have consistently hit the Amazon paid bestseller lists in Crime, Thrillers & Mystery.

Joanne's latest release is TEAR DROP (Detective Elizabeth Ireland Crime Thriller Series, Book 1). She is currently working on her twenty-sixth book, INSINCERE (Detective Elizabeth Ireland Crime Thriller Series, Book 2) which was released in October 2015.

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