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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

to save the fantasy-come-to-life world - Second Chronicles of Illumination by C.A. Pack

When an alien invasion threatens the existence of all the knowledge in the universe, eighteen-year-old Johanna Charette and seventeen-year-old Jackson Roth must rely on their wits, guts, and pluck to save the fantasy-come-to-life world of the Library of Illumination. 


When an alien invasion threatens the existence of all the knowledge in the universe, eighteen-year-old Johanna Charette and seventeen-year-old Jackson Roth must rely on their wits, guts, and pluck to save the fantasy-come-to-life world of the Library of Illumination. 

It wouldn t be so bad if Johanna and Jackson weren t the ones responsible for breaching the portals to a dozen distant worlds. Now, outside forces are causing shock waves in the space-time continuum, and if that isn t awful enough, someone from another dimension is trying to steal a book of powerful spells created by a very famous wizard. 

At first, traveling to other realms in a time machine seems like a fun perk. However, discovering some inhabitants want to obliterate the teens doesn’t leave them with a warm, fuzzy feeling. Instead, they find themselves forced to sacrifice their own welfare and the safety of their loved ones for the greater good.

Six Little-Know Facts about the Second Chronicles of Illumination

Doing a guest post here on Mythical Books blog is very exciting for me, because it allows me to reveal information about the Library of Illumination and its curators that might never make it into the final version of the book. That’s not to say these factoids won’t appear in a future episode. Just that they were either not stressed, or made abundantly clear in existing books, or were left on the cutting room floor. But anyone familiar with writers knows every word they’ve ever written is precious to them, and they can’t bear to cast precious pieces of prose or interesting ideas off into oblivion. And so I’m going to share them with you to give you insight into what I know—that everyone else may not be privy to.

Here are six little known factoids about the characters in my books.

· Jackson looks older than he is. Johanna looks younger. So they appear to be the same age. However, Johanna is seventeen months older than Jackson, which is why she’s reluctant to amp up their relationship.

· All the books in Libraries of Illumination appear in the language of the reader.

· Some overseers’ symbols in the ebook are different from the ones in the print version, because of font limitations.

· Jackson and Johanna were protected from the effects of the space-time continuum by a combination of their longevicus charm, and a special charm Myrddin placed on his workshop on Skokholm Island. It worked on them, but not on Cathasach or Beck, because Johanna and Jackson are curators. And so was Myrddin.

· There are seven doors hidden in the basement of the Library of Illumination that protect vastly different chambers. Door 7 is, of course, the vault. Door 5 leads to a crypt for former curators. There’s a nuclear room from which the blue orb powers the library behind Door 2. And a Time-Map Room, which displays a requested place during different layers of time behind Door 6. Door 4 leads to a Duplication Room where many, but not all, items can be replicated. Door 3 is the entrance to the Alchemy Room where materials can be transformed into something they are not. And Door 1 is so secret; even I haven’t yet discovered what it protects.

·Jackson had tattooed on his neck, but it disappeared during a time fluctuation.
There is so much more I could add, but those items would be spoilers for upcoming storylines. So for now, I’ll have to keep them to myself. Suffice it to say, Jackson and Johanna will have a fun time discovering what’s behind all the locked doors in the basement. 

Thank you Mythical Books for having me as a guest blogger. The Second Chronicles of Illumination came out on June 30th and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. You can learn more at LibraryofIllumination. It’s time for me to get back to writing my next book, aptly titled, Third Chronicles of Illumination.

About the author:
C. A. Pack is the author of the Library of Illumination series of YA fantasy novelettes, along with Chronicles: The Library of Illumination (2014), and The Second Chronicles of Illumination (coming in 2015).

Pack also writes for a general audience. Her first novel, Code Name: Evangeline—is an historical spy thriller which takes place in the 1930′s. The author followed it up with Evangeline’s Ghost—a fantasy about the death of that same spy. She recently completed work on Evangeline’s Ghost: Houdini, and is currently working on Evangeline’s Ghost: The Bridge.

Pack is an award winning journalist from New York who worked as an anchor/reporter and educator (she considers herself the fairy-godmother of telvision news reporters)—and has written for WNBC, LI News Tonight and News 12 Long Island. She also worked on PBS documentaries, radio and television commercials and created and produced a pilot for a news show focusing solely on marriage and wedding trends.

She’s a past president of the Press Club of Long Island and a proud member of International Thriller Writers and Sisters in Crime. Pack has been a speaker or panelist for organizations such as Women in Communications, Fair Media Council, and the Society of Professional Journalists.

The author lives with her husband and two picky parrots “on” Long Island, New York.


Auden Johnson said...

The book sounds awesome and the cover's beautiful.

C. A. Pack said...

Thank you.

I'm in love with my cover too. I think graphic designer Jen Henning did a great job.

Jan Lee said...

I entered the giveaway thru the rafflecopter but it shows 4/7 entries for me. Where are the other 3 entries? There were only 2 to fill out and I did both.

C. A. Pack said...

Hi Jan,

Did you pin the image on your Pinterest page? That might account for the other three chances.

Jan Lee said...

No I didn't pin because there's no entry that says to pin therefore no place to put the link to the pin. As I said it shows 4/7 and there's no other entries to do.