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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

To out-maneuver a world class killer - Trigger by Jill Meengs

"Trigger by Meengs is a great read with adventures abounding. I can relate to travelling round Europe and her descriptions added to my memories. The baddies are introduced early on but their identities are not revealed until near the end. Jordan is the main protagonist who is trying to hide one of her talents but more are revealed as the story progresses. Very much a page turner as the reader is dragged into the melee, waiting to see if she escapes." - Goodreads


Release Date: January 27th, 2015

Jordan Shaw knows the only way to stop the man hunting her is to kill him. She also knows the other men who came after her are dead, some of their blood is on her hands, and she wouldn’t have survived this long without the help of the intriguing and secretive Chase Hudson. Even though she isn’t sure she can trust Chase, she believes she needs him to discover the truth. 

Two days before, life was pretty good as she backpacked around Europe with her best friend. Now, everything has changed and she may not even live through the night. What started as a summer trip of self-discovery has become a dangerous journey across three countries as Jordan is forced into a world few know exist and even fewer survive. A clandestine international organization that will let nothing stand in their way has put a price on her head. Despite all the uncertainty, there are two things that she is absolutely sure of; she has one chance to out-maneuver a world class killer, and she has to make that move right now.

Backstory for Trigger

Citing what he call's her flagrantly overactive imagination, Jill’s husband Chad has always said that she should write a book. As they were close to finishing the full remodel of their first home, he started to encourage her to really give writing a book a try. Finally, he resorted to bribing her. For the price of a nice flat screen for the bedroom and a shopping spree, Jill made a commitment that she had no idea would end up lasting for almost six years!

The first step in this process was to sit down and put together an outline. Jill had several goals when she started brainstorming; one was to write a book that she actually wanted to read. Second, she wanted the main character be a strong woman that others could look up to, relate to, and who was perfectly capable of turning around and saving the leading man, even if she needed to be saved herself a time or two. Finally, having spent considerable time traveling abroad, Jill wanted to use that in her writing. She has been to every location in Trigger and some of the content is based on her experiences while backpacking. During her morning jogs and her hours commuting to work she gradually put together an outline.

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About the author:
Jill Postlewait Meengs grew up in a small town on the Oregon Coast. During and after college she spent extended periods of time backpacking in more than 30 countries. She has been to every location she describes in “Trigger” and some of the content is based on her own experiences while traveling. She met her husband, Chad, in the MBA program at Oregon State University. After getting married, they purchased and fully remodeled a house. It was Chad who encouraged, and then bribed her to write her first book, “Trigger.” He says that he very much enjoys watching the flat-screen he purchased as part of their deal. When Jill isn’t reading or writing, she is running, doing yoga or planning her next trip. Jill and Chad live in the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

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