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Saturday, January 31, 2015

There is no such thing as safe - State of Alliance (Collapse Series #5) by Summer Lane

I added eleven new characters to the storyline of State of Alliance, which was quite the task, let me tell you! There are a couple of plot twists and character revelations that I think will surprise readers who have been following the series, and I am so happy and excited to share them with you! - author


Published: January 30th, 2015

There is no such thing as safe.

For Commander Cassidy Hart, staying alive is only one of her day-to-day problems. As a newly minted Senator of the State of California, she must travel to Monterey Bay with the hope of bringing an agreement between the militia forces and the Pacific Northwest Alliance as the United States desperately battles against the shadow invasion forces of Omega.

But Monterey is not what it seems. The threat of another Omega attack looms on the horizon, and Commander Chris Young – the love of Cassidy’s life – is not the only important person in Cassidy’s life who is keeping secrets. Assassinations, betrayal and startling revelations lie ahead.
The war is now. Fight or die.
Choose your side.

The fifth installment in the international bestselling Collapse Series, a YA/NA post-apocalyptic romantic adventure.
On the Subject of Men
by Summer Lane
Cassidy Hart is surrounded by many strong, capable female characters in The Collapse Series, but there is no lack of male protagonists, either. I want to make sure the kick-butt female heroes were balanced out with a nice cast of male heroes. The main hero, of course, is Chris Young. We’ve been with our handsome, former SEAL since State of Emergency, and it’s been a pleasure to continue to develop his complicated character. The male protagonist besides Chris whom I enjoy writing about the most is Uriah True. He was (is/could be?) a brief love interest for Cassidy Hart during State of Pursuit, and I loved his character. He’s quiet, dark and brooding. A bad boy gone good scenario. His presence in State of Alliance is not so much as a love interest but as a friend – but you never know what the future could hold! 

Another male character that I absolutely love writing about is Harry Lydell. In State of Alliance we have the opportunity to learn more about Harry, specifically his relationship with Cassidy Hart, which can be traced back to State of Chaos. I have always pictured Harry as a Tom Hiddleston-esque character. Tall, handsome, and refined. But like Tom Hiddleston, he has the ability to be the most charming and wicked villain. 

I love creating characters that are flawed, and the male cast of State of Alliance allows me to better develop some of the main players that have been with Cassidy since State of Emergency

About the author:
Summer Lane is the author of the international bestselling Collapse Series and Zero Trilogy. She owns WB Publishing and Writing Belle, an online magazine dedicated to the Art of Storytelling. Summer is also an accomplished creative writing teacher and professional journalist. She lives in the Central Valley of California where she creates her stories and shares them with the world.

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