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Monday, April 28, 2014

Giveaway: The Rise of the Sidhe by Christina George


The de Verdun family have lived and breathed village life since the raising of their great tower centuries ago. Their slow pace of life and easy friendship with their neighbours is about to change as Ireland is thrown into turmoil in 1916. However, it is not the Rising in Dublin but the rising of an ancient fairy woman that is about to change their lives forever. When Lord de Verdun is attacked by a Leanan Sidhe he drifts into a strange stupor. It falls to his daughter Catherine to find a way to wake her father from this living death. Bran, a war weary veteran of many conflicts, has always closely guarded a dark secret. Now, as he fights for the survival of his men in the brutal trenches his past has come back to haunt him. Rioghnach, a dark fairy woman, has arisen after centuries beneath the ground. She has been driven mad and power hungry by her imprisonment. Bran must put aside his loyalties and finally return home. Ireland is a land on the verge of political and civil unrest. As the Easter Rising draws near a sequence of events will begin to unravel that could bring about an age of darkness. Bran holds the key to their salvation, but it could bring about a fate worse than death.

About the author:

Christina George is an Irish writer based in Dundalk, Co. Louth. She mainly writes Fiction with an emphasis on Fantasy. Her academic background is in the arts. After completing her undergraduate with a BA in Cultural studies in 2008 she went on to study for an MA in Comparative Literature in Dublin City University. Her first novel The Rise of the Sidhe has recently been released for Kindle on Amazon. She is currently working in the Heritage sector in County Louth and outlining a new writing project.

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